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Say Hello to Max Sent to Me by David

Jack Russell Puppy Max

Jack Russell Terrier Max
Jack Russell Terrier Photos of Max

This is Max from NoVa and he's seven months old. His favorite game is fetching his frisbee and tennis ball until his humans can no longer move. He's definitely a powerhouse. He is very smart and will be doing more outside training once the weather gets warmer. His favorite place to sleep is at the foot of the bed, unless we're downstairs and he sleeps on the arm of the sofa. He has two other dogs to hang out with at home, Jack, a Min Pin and Dante, a Toy Fox Terrier. He's a great little guy to have around and is very loyal. No matter where I go in the house, he's right there with me.

Say Hello to Brutus Jack Russell Terrier Photos  to Me by Kathy in Hawaii

Jack Russell Puppy Brutus

Jack Russell Terrier Brutus

Brutus is a 2 year old bundle of energy. He adores playing and running all the time especially with his favorite stuffed monkey (that is as big as he is). Brutus is intelligent, determined and stubborn. Brutus loves to eat green beans, broccoli and (Fuji only) apples with no skin of course. Brutus is social and adores playing with other dogs at the dog park. His favorite sleep place is between Daddy's ankles at the foot of the bed (Daddy hasn't had a good night's sleep for almost 2 years). All is all Brutus makes our lives better and complete, he is an utter joy and we couldn't love him more.

Say Hello to Milo from South Africa

Jack Russell Terrier Milo from South Africa

This is Milo. 6 months ago we were blessed to get Milo from friends who could not longer keep him. Milo will be 3 this year. He is the most amazing little dog and has crept deeply into my Fiance and myself's heart. We do not have any kids or other pets, Milo has us all to himself!! Often we look at him and thank our lucky stars that he came our way, our home is now complete.

Maggie from South Africa

Say Hello to Nala Sent to Me by Kym

Jack Russell Puppy Nala

Jack Russell Terrier Nala

Nala is a short legged smooth coated Jack Russelll puppy born June 19th 2008. She enjoys playing with her doggy pal, Buddy, a six year old French bulldog X Boston Terrier mix. Nala loves everyone, but especially children. She sleeps with my 8 year old son and walks him to the bus stop every morning, greeting (kissing) all the children on the way.

Say hello to Freddie sent to me by Louise in Canada.

Jack Russell Terrier Freddie

This is our bundle of joy Freddie.He is almost 7 months old. Makes us laugh everyday.

Say Hello to Magnus as seen in the the Surfing Jack Russell Terrier photos sent to me by Doreen.

Magnus Chillin' Surfing Jack Russell Terrier Magnus

Waiting for a Wave Surfing Jack Russell Terrier Magnus

Hang Ten! Surfing Jack Russell Terrier Magnus

I rescued my JRT Magnus from a shelter a year ago. He is 2 now. We discovered that he loves the water - he swims all the time in the lake but we recently took him to a beach at Long Beach, WA that is half Columbia River and half Pacific Ocean and it's perfect for body surfing. The kids were riding the waves on an air mattress and Magnus wanted to get on - they put him on there and he would not get off! He surfed all day long! Here are three photos: We call number one - Magnus Chillin', number two - Waiting for a wave and number three - Hang ten!

Say hello to Patch one of the Jack Russell Terrier Photos
sent to me by Chris in the UK.

Jack Russell Terrier Patch

Patch is a 12 year old rescue dog. We got him at the age of 6. Four years ago he saved my life by barking and waking my wife one night when I was fitting in my sleep. I was rushed to the hospital and found it to be a brain tumor. He's my hero!

Say hello to Mackenzie sent to me by Steve L.

Jack Russell Terrier Mackenzie

Here is our 7 month old Mackienzie sitting pretty!!!

Say hello to Murphy sent to me by Fran in Florida.

Jack Russell Terrier Murphy

This is Murphy, He lives in Florida and he is on the boat waiting for a fish to be reeled in.

Say hello to DJ sent to me by Juliana.

Jack Russell Terrier DJ

This is my baby, his name is DJ . He is quite a character, it's my first Jack and I fell in love with the breed, their personalities are just indescribable.

Say hello to Jatz Jack Russell Terrier Photos
sent to me by Kay in Australia

Jack Russell Terrier Jatz

Hello, this is my beautiful boy Jatz (Crackers) he is now 16 months old. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry.

Say hello to Monster and Chaos Jack Russell Terrier Photos
sent to me by Kenneth in Cleveland, OH

Jack Russell Terrier Monster and Chaos

When we gave Monster his name it was just a joke at his expected physical size. Being first time Jack Russell owners we had no idea how perfect this name would grow to fit his temperament. While he is probably the smartest animal I have ever owned. This guy is a nut!!!! He is notorious for challenging any animal that offer the slightest treat towards him or his families space(especially the larger animals). He is going to give us a heart attach one day. The funny part is that the other animals seem to be terrorized of this guy. Even if the perimeter is clear before letting him out he'll find something to terroize. We live near a wooded area with a creek and things are everywhere. His list of victims consist of groundhogs, squirrels, possums, deer, raccoon (which he pulled down a tree by the tail as it tried to excape. Whew!!!) and just about every other dog that lives in the vacinity except (Nino & Tank). Nino is a 90lb Pitbull/Pussycat that lives around the corner and Tank the 13 month old Boxer from next door. Monster loves them both to death, often playing with either until he passes out for the night. They are his only two male exceptionals in the animal world. The little pretty pup is Chaos. She is five months and thinks she can do anything he does. It is definitely interesting watching her learn from him. She even stops in her tracks like he does when we call her. Jack Russell are seriously on another level when it comes to canine intelligence. We thought Monster just special, but I now know its in the breed. For some reason though, she doesn't like people. She barks at everyone that doesn't live in our house. I hope the name my family gave her doesn't turn into a curse like the first one.

This is Dutchess with one of her favorite toys sent to me by Letrice

Jack Russell Terrier Dutchess
She is a 2 year old that we rescued from the animal shelter 1.5 years ago.
She is smart and very loving. Our family loves her!

Meet Jack and Carly Jack Russell Terrier Photos
sent to me by Kim in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Jack Russell Terrier with Frisbee
Jack with his favorite frisbee who is 13 years old and still very athletic.

Jack Russell Terrier Carly
Four year old Carly lounging on the couch.

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Tilly is 5 months old and is to smart We had to put wire screening to stop her from going over to visit Kobi next door but she found a way She crawled …

3 Year Old Lobo the Jack Russell Terrier 
This is my beautiful boy Lobo he is now 4 years old.

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My jack Russells are my characters are my babies they have different personalities and I can't wait to see them when I'm gone and come back . Note …

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Darcy our Jack Russell Princess, She Lightens our life Every Day.  Not rated yet
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Aoe trying to get some easter food! Not rated yet
Aoe is going on 4 years old in November, and she loves to join us at the table so now when someone gets up she likes to jump up and try to steal something …

Sophie the Jack Russell Not rated yet
What a beautiful girl.

Russle the Jack Russell  Not rated yet
My little guy will be 16 this month and still acts like a puppy!Spoiled rotten and he knows it lol,I'm blessed to have had him this long and and hopefully …

The Jack Russells Sharing a Cushion Not rated yet
Sharing a cushion, Fudge and Buddy love the sofa.

Baxter the JRT Ready for Halloween Not rated yet
Baxter is 6 years old. Adopted from a shelter.

Layah the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
She is 12 wks old,I got her when she was 8 weeks old.She is such a prissy lil lady.I bought potty pads for nothing when I got her as to she wants to go …

These are my Jack Russell Boys Shane ( big boy) and DJ  Not rated yet
They are smart and protective of their Daddy. I Love them so much. I received the two from an Aunt of mine. I received Shane 6 months before DJ. But, I …

These are my Jack Russell Boys Shane ( big boy) and DJ Not rated yet
They are smart and protective of their Daddy. I Love them so much. I received the two from an Aunt of mine. I received Shane 6 months before DJ. But, I …

Dawnypents the Jack Russell Not rated yet
My 4 year old Jack Russell, Bernie, is my pride and joy. He is so perfect for me. Everyone loves him and he even has his own facebook page where his …

Jack Russell Crosses Mia and Pippa Not rated yet
After the last of our three children had left for adult life, despite the odd visit home for rest and food, I felt I needed something though why I don't …

Jack Russell Cooped up Indoors During Rain Not rated yet
Charlie, a two year old Jack, experiences his first rainstorm.

Child Friendly Jack Russells Not rated yet
We got our first jack russel, Pieta, when my daughter was three years old. Almost from the beginning, Pieta would go to bed with my daughter and wait until …

Penny the Jack Russell Not rated yet
This is Penny 7 years old. Shes so lively and joy full. She loves her toys and running for her ball. Shes spoilt rotten! She has her own babies crib to …

BRAVO "DOGGY" the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Doggy is an Italian pup, 2 months old now. He is a fun loving puppy, very observant, intelligent, greets every new people he met and greets our friends …

3 Year Old Marley the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Marley is one of three "doggy children", our "first born" and the apple of my fiance's eye. Marley came to us very young as her mom started weening …

Marley 3 Year Old Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Marley is one of three "doggy children", our "first born" and the apple of my fiance's eye. Marley came to us very young as her mom started weening …

Introducing Sophia the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Sophia (Sophie) was rescued by my son and I fell in love with her when I first saw her at 8 weeks old. She had one floppy ear and one prick ear. She is …

Barron the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
I got my "jackie" as a result of saving his father from the highways. On my way home from work on morning I was aware that the cars coming from the …

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Lady Bug the JRT Likes to Chew Dog Toys Not rated yet
This is lady bug she is a really good dog but she eats everything you can imagine. But I don't no what I would do with out my little girl. Editor Suggestion …

Larry the Jack Russell Terrier is Working It Not rated yet
I got Larry 5 weeks after my Jack Russell "JACK" passed away. I was heartbroken! Larry came into the house 5 weeks later at the old age of 7 weeks old. …

9 months old Ashley Grace the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Ashley Grace lives in Wilmington NC . In her household there are 5 cats, whom she loves to play with, they all get along very well. Ashley was born March …

Wanna Play? Not rated yet
Sawyer is a Jack Russell rescue I adopted in April 2011.

Buster the Smiling Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
My daughter brought this little guy home August 2010. He was about eight inches long. There is nothing better than having a Jack Russell. He has grown, …

Leo the Jack Russell Terrier Not rated yet
Leo was not my dog actually but I fall in love with him and when his owner abandoned him, I took him. He is perfect. However, he is not easy to handle. …

Meet Jack Russell Terriers Pete Ed and Zuri Not rated yet
I got Pete for a birthday present from one of my friends. They told me he was a Jack Russell Terrier and at first I didn't believe them because of his …

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