Leo the Jack Russell Terrier

by can
(isyanbul )



Leo was not my dog actually but I fall in love with him and when his owner abandoned him, I took him. He is perfect. However, he is not easy to handle. Too much energy. Lately he started to fight with other male dogs and got bitten. I do not know how I teach him not to attack other dogs. I believe this is happening because he is not emasculated.

Editor Comment

Biting dogs are never a good thing. I'd suggest a few things:

1. Avoid confrontation - keep your Jack away from other dogs, since you know that this is a problem.

2. Make it clear that you are in charge. Whenever your Jack wants something, have him follow one of your commands. Don't use his name when commanding him. For example, demand that your Jack sit before you feed him. Make him sit, before going outdoors etc. Your Jack has to be clear that you are running the house. Make sure that your Jack begins to obey quickly. For example, if he takes a few seconds to sit before eating, this period of time should shrink over time.

3. Control your Jacks toys. Store all toys in one box or drawer. Call your dog to the toy drawer. Tell your Jack to sit while pulling his favorite toy from the drawer. If he doesn't sit, place the toy back in the drawer. The key is to make it clear that you control his favorite things and expect obedience before getting the toy.

Other tips is to keep your Jack off of the furniture or any high places. Your Jack always needs to be in a lower place than yourself.

Once he is used to following your commands, you can then slowing introduce other dogs.

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