Darcy our Jack Russell Princess, She Lightens our life Every Day.

by Lisa burrows
(Plymouth, Devon )

Darcy at three months old.

Darcy at three months old.

Meet darcy born on June 6th 2013, couldn't believe it took us so long to choose a name for her, she's very intelligent for a 10 month old, you ask for cuddles and she snuggles into your neck, she loves to sleep curled up behind my husbands knees under the duvet but she does show aggressive tendencies as we have 2 other dogs she likes to think she's the dominant one yet she's so small as my dominant dog is a collie x German Shepard ! They do love to play but darcy likes to hang off Harry's fur sometimes and the fact she's favouritised but we tend to put her in a room on her own to calm down. She is our shadow and every where we go she goes as she gets so stressed being alone. But overall she's brightened our life in hard times and because I have ME I find she helps me when I have tough days, we just can't imagine life without her in it.

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