Barron the Jack Russell Terrier

by Betty Hunt
(abbottstown, pa)

I got my "jackie" as a result of saving his father from the highways.

On my way home from work on morning I was aware that the cars coming from the other direction were trying to avoid something in the road. Once I got closer I could see it was a dog running back and forth in the road. I'm not sure if he was confused or what but when I stopped and opened my car door he did not hesitate to run and jump into my car.

He was so friendly and happy to see me it was as if he had known me for ever.

I brought him home and he ran into my house as if he were at home. My husband and kids fell in love with him immediately, as did I, and we kept him.
After a few days I saw a picture and a note in our local grocery that said he was missing and his owner was looking for him, so it was with a heavy heart that I called the owner and he came and got him. The owner was very appreciative and thanked me over and over for saving him...and I knew he was glad to be back with him real owner.

A few days later I came home to find my daughter playing with a cute fur ball and it turns out...the owner came and gave us a puppy that the dog I had rescued had fathered....I was so happy.
This coming February "Barron" will be 17yrs old. He shares his age with my grand daugher will be 17 in Sept.

He is blind and sometimes has accidents now but the love and happiness he has given us more than makes up for the care he now needs.

I wish everyone loved their pets the way we love Barron.

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