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To understand the Jack Russell temperament, it must be remembered that they are first and foremost a "working dog".

In other words, they were designed to aggressively run, chase, and flush out fox and badgers in the great hunts of England.

These traits, so passionately guarded by Jack Russell breeders since the 19th century, have delivered to us a dog that is fearless, happy, alert, confident, intelligent and lively.

A dog that is ready to meet the world on a moment's notice...this is the Jack Russell temperament in a nutshell. 

Jack Russell Temperament By the same token, however, this bloodline can be very bold and brash. And the term confident translates, rather...to arrogance.

But high intelligence, whether it be animal or human, does, quite often, carry with it eccentricities, independence, even rebellion, 'marching to the beat of another drum' you might say.

I have many times watched my Russell in hot pursuit of a rabbit and thought even I could hear the sound of the fox hunt bugle just over the hill. This is the beating drum, and the beating heart that drives and accounts for the Jack Russell temperament.

characteristics of jack russell terrier With these things in mind, it's easy to see why the proper environment is important to maintain the famous traits of the Jack Russell temperament.

They need to run. They need to hunt. They need to play. And in down times, they need to be shown intimate affection.

One of the characteristics of my dog Jimbo, and that I cherish so much, is how, in those down times, up in the chair with me, he will always bury his nose into my side. And if I stop caressing him, he will nudge his head back under my hand, quite forcefully, until I begin again.

jack russell terrier obedienceTheir compact size, friendly and inquisitive nature, makes them popular pets. But many first time owners find this little dynamo more demanding than they either have time or environment to meet those demands.

Jack Russells require consistent training in the early years, and a good deal of attention...not to mention some pretty vigorous exercise to maintain the desired Jack Russell temperament.

Without consistent training and regular exercise, they can occasionally be aggressive and exhibit unmanageable behavior...like excessive barking, disobeying commands, chasing UPS men...or growling at one of your relatives.

For training, Dove Cresswell's Puppy and Dog Training Ebook is the best I've found on the web. The best thing about it is that it's a video tutorial, which means...NO READING!

Just Download--Punch Play--and Sit Back and Watch.

Just check out her free lesson and you'll see what I mean.

I taught my Annie how to fetch in just a half hour one afternoon after watching Dove.

(Do you see the kind of dog sitting in her lap?)

Yep, another dang old Jack Russell.

But Jack Russells are extremely intelligent and when they have come to learn their master's bidding, they do love to comply...most times anyway.

temperament of jack russell terrier So I hope this offers some insight into the nature of this fascinating dog.

Is he egotistical? Yes.

But is he full of life? Oh yes.

Can you provide the time and attention that is required for the special needs of this unique breed?

Maybe after having read this page, you already know.

But if you're still unsure, then the pages that elaborate further on the Jack Russell profile will help.

In any case, but for the exception of human beings, and then perhaps only a small number, one must admit the Jack Russell temperament is made of its own style.

And who runs ahead of the hounds, listens for the bugle call, stands alone and apart from all other dog breeds?

It is the Jack Russell Terrier temperament and the big dog personality in the little dog body  that we as proud owners know, love, and admire. 

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