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Annie As A Puppy

Meet Annie, my own beloved Jack Russell Terrier.

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We got Annie in October 2006 from an 8-count litter of Jack Russell puppies.

All roley-poleys, I picked out Annie because she growled when I picked her up. It was the cutest little growl I ever heard and indicated to me she was true Little Jack...having a preference for commanding her own space.

And I can relate to that myself.

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I found her to be very laid back.

For the first month, she did nothing but sleep, eat and chew my hands and fingers off!

And her cute growl developed into long continuous growls when playing.

I've never laughed so much.

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She also quickly became a hit with the neighborhood dogs, like Bailey that you see here getting an ear chew from Annie.

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The thing I love about Annie is that she looks me straight in the eye.

She was also EASY to housebreak! Yes, after I got her to understand I didn't like her having accidents, she prefers to go outside!

But I had some great help in teaching her. I couldn't wait to featureDove Cresswell's Puppy & Dog Training Online, an unbelievable download for other dog owners.

She (who is a professional animal trainer in North Hollywood) is truly amazing!

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It's the easiest and the quickest dog training guide I've ever used. You'll just have to see it to believe it.

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Well, this is Annie then.

The second page is of Annie now. 

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