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Best Jack Russell Terrier Breeders

1. Hillside Jack Russell Terriers (Eastford, CT)

Contact the breeder for the price. Pups are available 8 weeks after birth. Pups are available for direct pick-up.

Puppies are raised in the living room of the the home. All receive early neurostimulation at 3 to 16 days.
1 year health guarantee.

Learn more about Hillside Jack Russell Terriers

2. James River Jack Russell Terriers (Thaxton, VA)

This breeder is owned by Sally and Dr. Charles Hickey DVM and is a member of the Virginia and Carolina Jack Russell Terrier Club and the Jack Russell Terrier club of America. 

Dr. Hickey is a past Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of the JRTCA and a licensed veterinarian. Sally Hickey is the president of the Jack Russell Terrier Museum and Crawford Library.

Puppies are available 10 weeks after birth and range. Jack Russell Terrier Puppies range in price from $1,800 to $2,000.

Pups are available for direct pick-up in Thaxton, Virginia.

Learn more about James River Jack Russell Terriers

3. Cedar Grove Jack Russell Terriers (Wendell, NC)

Cedar Grove Jack Russell Terriers is owned by Dr. Connie Jones. It is a relatively small kennel. Dr. Connie Jones is licensed veterinarian. The pups are raised on a farm and in the house.

Pups are priced from $1,500 to $2,000 and are available to go home after 8 weeks.

You can pick up a pup at the kennel or meet the breeder at the Raleigh-Durham airport in North Carolina.

Learn more about Cedar Grove Jack Russell Terriers.

4. Raven Wolf Jack Russell Terriers (Townsend, MA)

Raven Wolf is operated by Jennifer Pierce. The pups are raised in the home on a 20 acre farm. Pups are priced between $2,800 and $3,200 and are available 12 weeks after birth.

You can pick up a pup right at the breeder or meet the breeder at the Worcester Regional airport.

Learn more about Raven Wolf Jack Russell Terriers.

5. Diggin West Jack Russells (Gilmer, TX)

Diggin West Jack Russells is operated by Dawn Kelley.

Pups are registered with the JRTCA and are bred for the home, as a working dog or as a show dog.

Pups are priced from $1,500 to $1,800 and are available 10 weeks after birth.

You can pick up a pup at the breeder or meet the breeder at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport.  The breeder will also bring the puppy to you via van or car.

Learn more about Diggn West Jack Russells.

Tips for Selecting a Jack Russell Terrier Breeder

Breeders need to be reputable and put the health and safety of the dogs ahead of any monetary gain.  Don't be surprised if the breeder asks questions to make sure that you are capable of raising a Jack Russell or any dog for that matter. A breeder may also ask for references.

Visit theJack Russell breeder or rescue group., Tour the facilities to make sure they are clean.  Ask to meet at least one of  the  parents of your puppy. Usually only the female is on premis, so ask to see records regarding the father.  If the dog you are adopting is an adult, ask as much background information as possible such as child friendliness, how the dog acts around other pets etc.  

Note the Behavior of the Breeders own Dogs: Observe how other dogs react to the breeder, is their a friendly supportive atmospherre?

Tip: If the breeder's dogs look nervous or anxious, it is a sign that all might not be right.

Check Health Records: Ask questions such as potential health problems, full grown size, temperment, training methods.   Ask for vaccination records and if the puppies were screened by a veterinarian and were any potential health problems indicated. Note that smooth coat Jack Russells will shed more than those with a Rough or Smooth Coat.

The good news is that in general Jack Russells are a healthy breed. There is an above average incidence of some diseases such as:

  1. Eye problems such as Cataracts and Lens Luxation (dislocation of the eye lenses from their normal location, causing the lens to become painful and the eye red. Seen in older Jack Russells.
  2. Cerebellar Ataxia: nervous system disorder that is being bred out of the breed
  3. Congestive Heart Failure
  4. Cruciate Ligament Ruptures: injury in athletic breeds where the knee ligament tears causing the thigh and shin bone to rub together
  5. High and Short Toes (only a problem in show dogs)
  6. Legg-Calve Perthes Disease - lameness in the rear leg due to high bone degeneration
  7. Check Breeding Frequency: Ask how often the female dog has been bred since breeding should only take place every other time a dog is in heat, with rest every third season.  The male dog is optimally between the age of 2 and 10. 

    Tip: Breeders that breed to often are more focused on making money than in breeding healthy Jack Russells.
  8. Age of Puppy: Puppies are usually bred after a breeder makes the sale and and are then sold between age 7 to 12 weeks.  Puppies that are older may have trouble with people and pups taken earlier than 6 weeks are taken too early
  9. Request Documentation: If you are seeing Jack Russell Terrier breeders about a pure bred pup ask for pedigree, documentation which is a family tree diagram (goes back 3 generations). You will also receive paperwork that transfers ownership of the puppy to you.
  10. Get a Contract: Contracts for purebred dog can make demands that may surprise you. This includes:
  11. Return policies such as in the case of health problems or if you decide you can no longer keep the puppy 
  12. Neutering or spaying requirements
  13. Co-ownership in case you decide to breed your dog.  Contracts may also prevent breeding.
  14. Guarantee or refunds and circumstances that need to exist

An alternative to Jack Russell Terrier breeders are rescue groups. Check our list of rescue groups

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