Layah the Jack Russell Terrier

by Rashae



She is 12 wks old,I got her when she was 8 weeks old.She is such a prissy lil lady.I bought potty pads for nothing when I got her as to she wants to go outside in grass in which is a good thing.I'd love to train her more,but have no clue how.She gets rewarded everytime she goes potty.I'm confused at her breed because I was told her mom is beagle/daschaund,her dad is rat terrier.My vet said her dominant part is JRT&i've had multiple people tell me she is JRT.She has no tail but I see the nub is starting to stick out a little since I've had her.She is such a cuddler I love her to pieces.I do need some training help though,i'm getting her use to her leash as well so she can continue to walk with me.

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