Lady Bug the JRT Likes to Chew Dog Toys

by sarah titchenell
(carmichaels pa 15320)

this is lady bug

this is lady bug

This is lady bug she is a really good dog but she eats everything you can imagine. But I don't no what I would do with out my little girl.

Editor Suggestion Regarding Jack Russell Chewing

Sometimes our Jack's will chew everything out of boredom. You can try a toy that is designed for smart dogs like Jack Russell's such as Kong Toys. These toys hide a treat inside the toy, giving your Jack a puzzle to solve.

First make sure that you are not confusing your Jack, such as substituting one clothing item or shoe for another when a Jack is chewing.

Next, you can spray a product like Bitter Apple Spray on any object that you do not want your Jack to chew. Also poor nutrition is associated with chewing, so make sure you are using a high quality AAFCO certified dog food.

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