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Meet Buddy from the Jack Russell Photos sent to us by Leander in New Zealand.

jack russell photos buddy 

Here's what Leander writes about Buddy:

This is our baby Buddy (broken coated) he was born 2 September 2007 and Dexter (short haired, 11 August 2008), they are the most loyal loving dogs, they are always into mischief but seem to never get caught. Buddy still sleeps with his big Teddy Bear, but thank goodness has grown out of sleeping in the washing basket with the clean clothes. He also loves swimming, we go down to the river most nights for a swim, Dexter is just learning to swim and is very comical to watch as he thinks he needs to start swimming with his eyes closed in less that an inch of water. I think it was the best thing to have two at a similar age as they wear each other out, so nice to come home to cuddly JRT than a huge bundle of unused energy. Thought everybody would love to see a New Zealand JRT.

Thank you for the adorable pictures Leander!

Meet Butch from one of the Jack Russell Photos Sent to us by Hailey in the UK.

jack russell photo butch 

Here's what Hailey writes about Butch:

We picked Butch up at the local rescue centre (we were going to buy a pure breed dog but, considering all the homeless dogs, thought that it was an unnecessary). Judging by the scars on his face, he's been through the wars (poor boys tail has been broken too). But, apart from his slightly rugged appearance, he is a wonderful boy who showers us with affection. I would recommend if you want a jack but don't want a show or breed dog check your local rescue centre.

Thank you for the fantastic pictures Hailey!

Meet Ozzy with the Jack Russell Photos Sent to us by Lyndsay in Scotland

jack russell pic ozzy 

Here's what Lyndsay writes about Ozzy:

Ozzy has the most exercised tail in the world. I can't get him to stop wagging. It's that bad he even does it when he sleeping. Must be dreaming of big bones falling from the sky.

Ozzy was born 11 May 2008 and I received him 6 weeks later. He has always been a people person and loves nothing more than to cuddle up with me under a duvet and watch movies!

He loves playing and his favourite toys are anything soft, tennis balls, and Mummy's shoes!!!

Ozzy had his first professional photo shoot when he was 7 weeks and I intend to get him done again. He is a natural and will pose for photos.

He just had his first snow outing and loved every minute of it. He was shivering like nothing on earth but still wanted to play snow ball fights with the local children.

Ozzy loves Everyone, he has never bitten, growled or barked at anyone. In fact he only barks when his ball has gone under the couch and that's because he wants to play.

He is the most lovable, funniest dog I have ever had.

Thank you for the adorable pictures Lyndsay!

Meet Youp one of the Jack Russell Photos sent to us by Jan in the Netherlands.

jack russell photo youp 

Here's what Jan writes about Youp:

This is my 4 year old JRT Youp. We usually call him Youpee which has no weird connotations in my country. It's an exclamation of joy though. And joy is exactly what he has given us from the day this little former-weakling was given to us by his hand-feeding foster mom. Since then he has become stronger than his siblings in body and soul. I could write a million stories about him because I love him to death but I wont.

Thanks for the ability to show of our favorite pets, Jan from the Netherlands.

Thank you for the fantastic set of Jack Russell Photos Jan!

Meet Leroy with one of the Jack Russell Photos sent to us by Kim

jack russell photo leroy 

Here's what Kim writes about Leroy:

Hi! this is my Jack Russell, Leroy. He has stolen our hearts and we cannot wait to get home to him everyday. Leroy is 3 months old today and weighs about 5 lbs. He is the rut, who is very happy and healthy. I would love to see him on your site! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

Thank you for the cute pictures Kim!

Here's Bugsy from the UK!

jack russell terrier bugsy

Sent to me from Rachael in the UK. The JRT is Bugsy and his pal is "Dog".
Thank you Rachel!!! They are a great pair :)

Meet D.O.G. with one of the Jack Russel Photos Sent to us by Nicole in Okanagan, British Columbia

jack russell dog pic 

Here's what Nicole writes about D.O.G.:

D.O.G is a very affectionate Jack Russell who loves to entertain. He is very vocal and likes to "talk" with you. He is a very friendly dog and must meet everyone that passes him by. D.O.G is very intelligent and seems to have as complex a personality as most humans do. He loves to cuddle with us and our cat. He is often found spooning with the cat as she licks him clean.

Thank you for the adorable pictures Nicole!

Meet Cupid from one of the Jack Russell Photos Sent to me
by Marc-Anthony in Philly, PA.

jack russell terrier photo 

Here's what Marc-Anthony writes about Cupid:

Cupid, my Jack Russell Terrier mix, turns 3 years old on November 16, 2008. He has so much energy, you would swear he was still a puppy. He is very well trained because he gets all of the attention, and more, that a Jack Russell Terrier requires. He loves going for long walks (without a leash) and loves female dogs. He doesn't pay much attention to the males. During our daily walks, he patiently waits outside of the coffee shop while I go in and get my morning coffee. We live in South Philadelphia, around the corner from all of the sports stadiums. I took him to the parade last week after the Philadelphia Phillies finally won the World Series. There were 5 million people there, and he quickly got distracted. He doesn't like crowds very much, he seems to get confused, but he got so much attention from anyone who saw him. He is increibly spoiled, from his heated dog house built in his huge front yard, to his plush bed right next to mine, to him always getting the bones after any of my dinners. He demands alot of attention, is incredibly hyper and is always very excited to see me, even after I've been gone for 2 minutes.

Thank you for the awesome pictures Marc-Anthony!

Meet Scruffy with one of the Jack Russell Photos Sent to us by Warren

jack russell terrier photo scruffy 

Here's what Warren writes about Scruffy:

Here are pictures of my JRT Scruffy. He was the best dog that ever lived but unfortunatly got cancer at the age of 7. He was incredible, an avid gopher catcher, a best buddy, a constant source of entertainment. He would stay in the yard all day, we never had a fence, I think because he just loved home so much he didn't want to go anywhere without me. He went everywhere I went and ignored everyone else. He was my little shadow.

Thank you for the wonderful pictures Warren!

Meet Skippy with one of the Jack Russell Photos Sent to us by Carolyn

jack russell terrier skippy 

Here's what Carolyn writes about Skippy:

We got Skippy when he was 8 weeks old and our family has fallen in love with him. He is the smartest dog. My husband is very close to skippy and when he recently deployed to Iraq Skippy would lay in front of his truck all day crying. We thought he would never get better, but he did as you can see. Then when my husband returned for some leave 6 months later I just knew Skippy wouldn't know who he was. He was a puppy when Doug left but when he saw him come out of the airport he went nuts, jumping and kissing him and wouldn't get out of his site for the entire time he was home, Skippy is also loved by our entire neighborhood and actually has sleepovers at other people home, when you walk him you hear hey Skippy, hi Skippy all over the neighborhood. He is a very good and loyal dog.

Thank you for the fantastic pictures Carolyn!

Meet Chase and Chloe from one of the Jack Russell Photos Sent to us by Laurie Ann.

jack russell terrier chloe 

Here's what Laurie Ann writes about her dogs:

My two Jack Russell Terriers names are Chase and Chloe. Enclosed are their pictures. Love your site and thanks for being there. I have been viewing your site on and off for a long time, and recently started sending in some comments and pictures. Really enjoyed others comments, as well. Chloe loves posing for the camera, as you can tell. Chase is in the first picture. I heard him barking one day, and when I went to see what all the commotion was, there he was staring down his puppy toy. This picture wasn't staged, which makes it so special to me.

Thank you for the great pictures Laurie Ann!

Meet Max from one of the Jack Russell Photos sent to us by Stephanie.

jack russell photo max 

Here's what writes Stephanie about her dogs:

My husband and I have had Maximus since he was 3 years old. He just turned 7 on May 1st and has been the best dog we could of ever asked for! He is a very laid back guy, independent, and loves to car rides and grandma's house. We recently just got Max a little brother, Ronin, who is 10 months old and who is full of energy and loves to cuddle. Both have bonded so well, considering they are boys. They play very well together and look out for one another. We just bought a new home and both are adjusting very well and you will always find them cuddling together and playing tug-of-war with their rope. Max is definitely a daddy's boy, while Ronin loves his momma! Both of our boys are well-behaved (for Jack Russell's) :) and love people and children. We are really blessed and we love them so much!

Thank you for the great Jack Russell Terrier Photos Stephanie!

Meet Jackson from one of the Jack Russell Photos Sent to me by Antonia.

jack russell photo jackson 

Here's what writes Antonia about her dogs:

Jackson Joseph Wigglebottom Small is my one year old Jack. You'll notice he's not got a docked tail and one of his litter mates sat on his tail in utero and it has been crooked ever since. His father is named Jackal, his mother, Lucy, is an Irish Jack.

Sometimes, Jackson gets emails from his Grandma Scrapple, who lives in Florida, a feisty broad who goes after crocodiles.

Jackson's scared up the occasional bald eagle at the beach (cold North Atlantic) down the road. He loves to visit everyone on our street. He takes his socializing very seriously and makes everyone welcome at our house.

Thank you for the cute pictures Antonia!

From the Jack Russell Photos sent to me by Mary from Harborview JRT's.

harborview jack russell photo

Here's what Mary writes about her dogs:

When you live in the desert and haven't had any rain for 8 months and the dogs get bored of the dry heat. I fill the holes they have already dug in the hard dry clay with water. They love digging in the mud, it cools them off and they get lots of exercise. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long, it hardens right up and then they get to have cool baths to rid them of the clay that has hardened on them.

Thank you for the fun Jack Russell Terrier Photos Mary!

Meet Petey Dog from the Jack Russell Photos sent to me from Anne in California.

- Picture Missing -

Here's what Anne writes about Petey:

Petey is my best friend. He is such a good lookin dog, with so much personality and charm. He loves the beach, he is a California dog, and loves to surf, swim, chase and play ball at the park. His favorite at the beach is to find the biggest log he can lift, and have me pole vault it out. then he surfs out and "rescues" it. I love him more than life itself.

Thanks for the incredible pictures Anne!

Meet Bridget from the Jack Russell Photos sent to us from Barbara.

jack russell terrier photos bridget 

Here's what Barbara writes about Bridget:

This is my little JRT, Bridget. I don't know how I got through life before her...and I can't imagine life without her! There's not a day goes by that she doesn't make me smile. Bridgee loves to play, loves people, and can fetch from sunup to sundown and then some. Riding in the car is one of her favorite pastimes, especially when she can stick her nose out the window to snort in the fresh air. Bridget has a sweet disposition and succeeds in making even my worst days better!

Thanks for the beautiful Jack Russell Photos Barbara!

Meet Mike (Meekah) from one of the Jack Russell Photos sent to me from Charlene.

jack russell terrier meekah 

Here's what Charlene writes about Mike:

This is my JRT Rat Terrier mix. She seems to have more JRT than anything els though!!!!! She is very rambunctious and LOVES to play with dogs that are well over 3 times her size!!!!!! She is sightly over 3 months now, but I believe that in these 2 pictures, she is closer to 1 1/2 or 2 months old. Her name is Mike (Mee-kah), in case you are wanting this much information. Her name is German for Michelle, which is my middle name. :)

Thanks for the fantastic pictures Charlene!

Meet Dexter from one of the Jack Russell Photos sent to us from Rachel & Erick.

jack russell puppy dexter 

Here's what Rachel writes about Dexter:

Dexter is an almost 5 year old Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier Mix. Every other puppy in the litter came out full-blooded chihuahua's that are quite small. He has the funniest, most lovable personality and is a total momma's boy through and through. It is hard for my husband and I to sit on the couch and cuddle while watching a movie without our, "mini-horse" Dexter either pushing his way between us or just throwing himself down on my lap and letting out a big sigh. He is the smartest dog ever who loves to play hide-n-seek with only my cousin Jessica, even though he was never taught. He touches the lives of every person he meets and we would so be lost without him.

Thanks for the great pictures Rachel!

Meet Lucy from one of the Jack Russell Photos sent to me from Joan in Wales, UK. What a cutie pie!

jack russell terrier lucy 

Here's what Joan writes about Lucy:

Lucy is 11 years old She's the most wonderful jack, she loves people especially children. I take her to the beach everyday - she loves it. She's not just a dog - she's my friend!

Thanks for the awesome pictures Joan!

Meet Rocky from a collect of Jack Russell Photos sent to us from Beth in Valencia, CA. 

jack russell terrier rocky 

Here's what Beth writes about Jack:

Jack is one crazy little dog! He can spend hours playing in the pool. He is crazy about his ball and not even Rocky, who is 10 times his size can keep it from him. Jack and Rocky are best friends!

Thanks for the awesome pictures Beth!

Meet Pandora from one of the Jack Russell Photos sent to me from Mike in San Diego.
What a great dog!

jack russell photos pandora 

Here's what Mike writes about Pandora:

This is Pandora, "Dora" for short. She was almost a year old we got her at a JRT rescue in San Diego, CA. We got her for our 3 year old son but for some reson she bonded with me. She follows me everywere and goes balistic we I leave and when I come home. Good thing I'm at home alot! She has good temperament and has been very easy to train. She is hands down the most intelligent dog I've every owned and I've owned a rott and a lab in the past. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Thanks for the great pictures Mike!

And one of the Jack Russell photos sent to me from Nicole
...and from Greece no less!

jack russell terrier dou

Meet handsome little Dou (which in Greece means 'ruckus' and is used mostly to describe anarchist's activities, so you can imagine how appropriate it is for this pup! or any other JRT for that matter.)

This dog looks like he might be some kind of character doesn't he? And his face is so pretty. He was born March 29, 2007, and he looks like he is a handful to me.

Thanks Nicole.

Jack Russell Terrier Picture

Meet Barry

Just one of the latest photo submissions for the new Jack Russell Photos Page. You just don't get much cuter than this little wire hair.

There's also a great video of Barry you can watch below. All this sent to us for our enjoyment from Josh.

Then there's Jenny's beautiful dogs Roxy and Charlie, and Nicole's little Dou from Greece.

There's just so many beautiful Jacks in the world and I get excited with each new pic sent to me and can't wait to share them with the rest of the world.

So check out these great photos and hey, how about sending me the latest pictures of your Little Jack? Just upload them here.

Jack Russell Terrier PhotoThat's Josh to your right holding his magnificent Barry.

If you haven't owned a Jack Russell, you just can't really know what an experience it is to watch them as they grow up.

They command and draw such attention because the character that is so innate in them will delight an owner from sunrise to sunset.

And laugh? I can barely scold my Annie because of her big Jack Russell eyes looking back at me. I crack up every time.

You get a good glimpse into the character I'm talking about in Josh's video below.

Just watch and enjoy.

See what I mean? Thanks for sharing Barry with us Josh.

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