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Could Your Little Jack Be The Next Hollywood Pet Star?

Have you ever noticed how many Jack Russells are on the Silver Screen?

Whether it's box office smash movies or TV commercials, these little super dogs are in super demand in Hollywood.

This page will introduce pet owners who think they have a potential pet star to Animal Actors International one of the top animal talent agencies in Hollywood---who are even now presently seeking new talent for an upcoming 2007 TV Pilot "America's Most Talented Animals".

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Gloria Winship Ayon with her husband Shane are owners, talent agents and animal handlers for Animal Actors International and have to their endless Hollywood credits...

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All The King's Men, Dr. Dolittle 3, Patriot, Animal Planet, Gordy, The Accountant (for which they won an Oscar)

See full and incredible list of credits on their website.

pet star ebook guideI had the pleasure of speaking with Mrs. Ayon while doing research for my upcoming ebook...

Animal Talent Search
The definitive guide to getting your pet into Hollywood

to be released here as well as on Gloria's site in the coming months.

This is a guide to help pet owners:

Create their pet's portfolio
Know what training is expected
Create a video audition of their pet
How to register with an Animal Talent Directory

As well as so many inside tips from one of Hollywood's most successful Animal Talent Agencies and Animal Trainers...
Animal Actors International's Gloria Winship Ayon.

Gloria was fun to talk to and was very glad that I was writing such a guide because the business is booming and in great need of new Hollywood pet faces.

According to Gloria...

"With lucrative pay and growing demand, amateurs, too, are getting involved. Every day about 50 pet owners hoping for a slice of the entertainment pie contact her, but only one out of 1,000 would even send her the audition tape she requires before recommending the pet to a producer!

jrt ebookShe said if my website and ebook can push some Hollywood pet prospects her way, that's good for business. She owns a couple of Jack Russells by the way, one of which can be seen in this Petco commercial ad. She's crazy about Jack Russells.

rin tin tin So if you think you have at the end of your leash Hollywood Pet Star material, the next K9 Gary Cooper, the world's next Rin Tin Tin...then look for my ebook coming soon that I hope will help you get your stuff together and present your pet to Gloria's Agency.

And in the meanwhile, check out Gloria's website, and see what opportunities are waiting for you and your pet at Animal Actors International.

If you'd rather talk to them by phone, here are their numbers:

951-609-1687 - 949-813-1064

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