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On this page you willl find Jack Russell Terrier pictures from all over the world submitted by visitors to our site. Bookmark this page and visit often to see the latest Jack Russell Terrier pictures sent to us. .

If you would like your dog(s) featured on this page, send them to me here. Please send at least 2 or 3 Jack Russell pictures as this makes for a best presentation. Also provide a short paragraph telling us about your dogs.

trouble jack russell

Here's what they write about Trouble:

This is my little man. His name is "Trouble", quite appropriately I might add! He is full of energy and loves to fight with his favorite toy cow! He is 4 months old and getting smarter every day!! He can sit,stay,shake,lay down and even roll over. I am amazed everyday at his intellect. I am beginning to believe that he will be smarter than I.. LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!

Thank you for the cute Jack Russell Terrier pictures!

Meet Ava & Caesar Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to us by Tina in St. Louis, MO.

<Picture Missing>

Here's what about writes about Ava & Caesar:

A little about these 2 angels , Ava ( the white one) I actually believe she was a bit of a godsend ( at the risk of sounding religious!) I actually was out at a high-end mall here in St Louis. I never go to this particular mall and for some reason I went by myself on a Thursday afternoon, I saw her in a pet store window with a sign saying "sold I am going home" on her cage. At the time I got her (6 years ago) was the big JRT CRAZE, so her being all white, I figured, of course she was "going home". I actually went back to the mall 3 days later, again, the mall I never visit! (nephews were having there pictures taken) so I went back just to look at the pups. Again, there she was with the same sign on her cage, not to mention she was separated from all the other dogs. SO I inquired.

Apparently she was "unsellable" she had mange which was not healing and although they still had her listed at $1200, her plan was the pound if one of the clerks in the store would not take her. I asked to see her. I told the girl (Chrissie) I could not afford $1200, but could purchase her for $600. She came back with a box and told me to take her! She said she could not give me her pedigree papers because it was not a purchase but I cold just have her!! I was so excited! I already had one JRT at home, and thought she would make good company for my little demon dog at home! The bad news about not getting her paperwork was that I had no idea of her birth date! The girl told me she had been at the pet store for 6 months trying to get be sold =(

I named her Ava. (I am Italian) In Italian Ava means "LITTLE EVIL ONE" a bit appropriate for a JRT!! and in Hebrew it means "NEW LIFE" which I thought was appropriate for her. SO AVA BELLA "Beautiful New Life Little Evil One"!!

She had a lot of adjustments coming from her pet store (very wealthy area-we call it WEST COUNTY) to paint a picture for you-if you played for the St Louis Cardinals, or St Louis Blues, or RAMS, or were a politician, or TV celebrity, actually, NELLY (the Rapper) , you would live in WEST COUNTY...well...Ava was quickly acclimated to NORTH COUNTY...which is more like lower to middle class living..she has not really gotten completely over it quite yet!! ...6 years later...but she is adjusting! She still things she is high-end diva!!! but she is my angel!! I will have to send you the pic of her and her fur coat and Tiffany's box if I have not already.

Ava is just the best JRT!! she is not a digger,,, a jumper though! The kids in the neighbor hood just love to watch her bounce! they call her Tigger. She loves to be dressed, she loves bubble baths! I know people think we are nuts and dogs do not like to be dressed, but it is so true about her. She even has her own room and closets! (NO, I do not have any children!!).

I take her camping on occasion, her princess paws are reluctant to the grounds of nature, but she adjusts, or I carry her!!!

As for Caesar, her is the tri-color, at the risk of taking Marley's minute of fame, Caesar is truly the worst dog in the world!! He could be the pin up for Devil Dogs! He has been kicked out of the dog park, banned from Obedience class, and has his own waiting room at the vets office! UGH. I actually looked for my first KRT for about a year, my ex had one and his parents had 2 JRT's, and I grew very fond of the JRT breed. That being said, Jake (my ex's JRT) was an angel. Not a digger, not a jumper, calm, lap dog. So when I went to get Caesar, I was looking for something quite similar. So I hunted for sometime. Six year ago was also when I got Caesar. It was a Sunday afternoon, I actually found an ad in the paper ( which at that time was unheard of because the JRT's were being pre-ordered because of the craze) I went to the country home where the couple had him and his brother. The family seemed like a nice family, 2 kids the whole nine yards! We visited and I was playing with the 2 JRT's, my sister liked the brother of Caesar, but I like Caesar, he was sitting on my life, dozing off, just a quite, calm little JRT, just like Jake!. I decided on Caesar for his calming demeanor...we drove home, he slept on my lap, All day Monday he just laid around, we went to the vet, he slept through his appointment! Even the vet that he was so well-mannered. It was almost like Caesar KNEW of the 3-day "trial bases" the JRT breeder offered. She would not cash your check for 3 days, just to make sure that the dog and I were well suited. I a PROMISE you that on DAY #4 HE BECAME THE TRUE MONSTER BOY! I am telling you that as God as my witness, on day #4 he woke up, and his eyes they just changed! and the demon was released!!

Since Day 4...he has become the pin up boy for why JRT'S end up in rescue! digger, climber, jumper, sofa eater, mattress eater, ingester any substance you can imagine. My vet KNOWS our number when we call before we even say hello. He has been in doggie ICU 3 times now. Hard headed! determined, if he is going to do it, have it, want it, HE WILL. But I LOVE HIM!!

9 months after I got him, he became very lethargic, he would not move and made these terrible squeaking noises. I kept taking him to the vet, at first they were like " Oh he is just getting out of his puppy stage" (they knew how BAD he had been) then after it persisted for several weeks I took him back...they ran all kinds of tests all negative, treated him for Lyme disease (just in case) he continued like this for months. I would bring him in weekly saying there is just not right with him. I knew from my previous experience with the JRT they do NOT just lay around. The vet did X-rays looking for a broken cone to explain his yelping when moving. Again, nothing. This went on for 4 months. I knew something was wrong with him. One night he was laying on the bed and I counted his heart rate. His heart rate was 32. Normal dog heart rate is 90-120. I knew something was not right ( I myself am a nurse) So I brought him in to the vet, who by this time was tired of seeing me, and thought I was nuts. I told Dr Rosen the heart rate, he took it and got 43. Which in my mind was still HORRIBLE, given the fact that he was "excited" being at the vet and all. Dr Rosen kind of trivialized the heart issue as well. We were done with the appointment and I, in my mind, new I was going to take him home and he was going to die, I had no doubt. As I lifted him off the table (Thank God) Caesar made his yelping noise, He has never done this at the vet before. AND EVERYTHING changed in that second. Dr Rosen asked me "what did you do?" I said nothing, I told the vets over and over that he makes this kind of yelping sound intermittently (which they chalked up to JRT behavior) Dr Rosen took him and felt his bones and joints from head to toe. The next week he did exploratory taps on all of his joints. Dr Rosen found fluid on 4 of his joints. The fluid had gotten so bad that the fluid in his vertebrae was compressing on his brain causing non-infectious meningitis. He sent tons of tests hoping this was an infectious cause. There was no infection. The plan was to send him to University of Missouri (Mizzou) the following week for a spinal tap to remove the fluid from his spinal cord compressing on his brain. Dr Rosen started steroid therapy on him. He apologized over and over for basically making me feel like I was nuts. The tests came back, no infection, bad news. What this meant was that this was something auto-immune going on. So Caesar has a condition much like LUPUS. His joints attack his body. What was decided was that he was going to need steroid therapy for the rest of his life. Dr Rosen and I had a LONG talk about Quantity of Life vs Quality of Life. I made a decision 6 years ago that as long as Caesar could have good life, without pain, we would continue on. Dr Rosen initially felt like putting Caesar down may of been in his and my best interest. I took him home with bottles of pain killers and steroids. After a week of steroids...Caesar was back to the MONSTER BOY he was prior to the 5 month stint. He was climbing fences and digging and back to the usually devil self he was. It took about 6 months to get a therapeutic level of steroids on board for him, but 6 years later, he takes 2.5mg every other day and is able to function just as bad as ever. Dr Rosen did say that steroid therapy that early in life would take years off his life, he feels like if he gets to age 7, we are doing good. We went to his 6 year vet appointment in June of this year and Dr Rosen was amazed at how good he was doing. we won't mention that a month after that he ate an ENTIRE HAM SHANK that we were so worried was going to perforate his stomach...it digested without incident!

The summer after Cesar's troubles the "Nice little country house and family" which I got Caesar from, was invaded by the Humane Society, they apparently were a front for one of the many puppy mills here in Missouri. Most everything made sense after that!!

So Caesar is the wonder dog. He loves camping, he loves barking, he has so much ball drive that my ex ( A Police Canine Officer) wanted to make him a Drug Dog. The trainers that trained his dog said that the natural ball drive of Caesar would make for easy training. The one thing that is different about the JRT and the Shepherd and Labs used for Law enforcement is their head strong drive. I told the trainers that Caesar would NEVER re-call...meaning come back without getting the ball. I was right! JRT's are much to Head Strong for that type of obedience!

So Caesar sits here dint he house with his 500 torn up tennis balls and lays in his chair! He does not make for good socialization as he thinks he is Alpha to all dogs. He once drug Bathon( the 125 lb German Shepherd K9) across the living room by his choke chain ( lucky for Caesar that K9's a trained to be non-animal aggressive), so while his sister Ava is in the backyard making friends with Neighbor dogs, he is in the house trying to get someone, anyone, TO THROW THE BALL!!!

I have been fortunate to have these JRT's in my life. That being said. I am so SADDENED by the amount of JRT's in rescue and Humane Societies. I wish there was some way to get the word out that before purchasing or adopting a JRT the person, family should speak with true JRT owners. I was in a mall one day and had to interject. The salesman was trying to tell this young 20-something girl who was saying how cute they JRT she was holding was, that this breed would make an excellent Lap and Apartment dog. I had to speak up and tell her the truth of it all...she handed the dog back to the salesman and walked out of the store. He was angry and gave me a terrible look, I myself felt like I had done my duty as a JRT owner. Not to say that the next 20-something, apartment living girl that walked in there didn't not walk out with a jack russell.

Thank you for the fantastic Jack Russell Terrier pictures and write up Tina!

Jack Russell Terrier Pictures from The Busby Family


Here's what Joanne writes about Spike:

This is our dog Spike. He is truly a member of our family, I never thought I could love a dog so much. He is actually Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix, but more Jack Russell. He is a house dog but when he goes outside we love to watch him sprint around the yard. He is so very fast. He also has a ball he loves to chase around the yard, he sometimes rolls over it he is so fast. Inside he loves to play anytime he can. And don't mess with him when he has a bone or something like that, he will growl like he's going to eat you up.

The Busby Family -Joanne, Dale and Dylan

Thank you for the great Jack Russell Terrier pictures Joanne!

Meet Angel Jack in Russell Terrier Pictures sent to us by Charlotte.


Here's what Charlotte writes about Angel:

 Angel is the sweetest do ever, she is my pride and joy, and knows it! She is obsessed with agility and like most jacks can certainly jump. When she wants something, she looks at you with her brown eyes and nobody can resist. She's a bit of a wimp and is definitely controlled by the cat but she likes it that way. She is such a bundle of energy and a little attention seeking show off, but everybody loves her, especially me. Angel loves to get into all sorts if mischief, hiding in long grass, jumping on top of hedges, chasing things. She is very special to me and she is definitely a dog that knows how to work the camera!!

Thank you for the great Jack Russell Terrier pictures Charlotte!

Meet Sampson sent to me by Nicole in Virginia.

sampson jack russell

Here's what Nicole writes about Sampson:

Here is my almost 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Sampson. He is super loving, cuddly and loyal. And of course very protective! He sleeps in the bed with me every night, cuddled up under the comforter. He loves watching Animal Planet, doing tricks for treats, and visiting his Grandma. He has been my best buddy for years now, and I can't imagine my life without him!

Thank you for the fantastic Jack Russell Terrier pictures Nicole!

Meet Trip in one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Heather in Las Vegas.

jack russell picture

Here's what Heather writes about Trip:

Hello, I am writing about my JRT mix. We knew we where getting him from the first day he was born. He was born in Fl and His first owner (breeder) moved (drove) from Fl to SC. Then we waited until they where 16 wks old and they got flown out here (also his two sisters went to good homes) to Vegas. After driving from SC to AL, and GA. So He has been all over the USA before I have :) But Now he is 6 months old and is one of the best dogs Ever :) He is sweet and loving and Really sweet :), loves to just snuggle with his new mommy and daddy :) He loves other dogs and other people... We have puppy play dates ALL the time and he plays until they both PASS out . Thank you you know Proud "Parents" always like to brag :)

Thank you for the adorable Jack Russell Terrier pictures Heather!

Meet Millie from one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Ruth in the U.K.

jack russell terrier

Here's what Ruth writes about Millie:

Here is a few pics of my adorable Jack Russell, Millie. She is now 13 months old but these photo's are of her when she was a pup. She is such a pleasure we immediately contacted the breeder and put our names down for the next one.

Thank you for the wonderful Jack Russell Terrier pictures Ruth!

Meet Mojo from one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to us by Denise.

jack russell picture

Here's what Denise writes about Mojo:

MoJo is 5 years old and has been with us for about 2 years. He has become an important part of our family. Very energetic, loves to go on walks and work outside with us. We have about 3 acres of land that he inspects every inch of. He gets lots of exercise and keeps us smiling!

Thank you for the adorable Jack Russell Terrier pictures Denise!

Meet Georgia in one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Sheila.

jack russell terrier picture

Here's what Sheila writes about Georgia:

Georgia appeared in my drive way when she was apx 6 weeks old. After a search for how she arrived didn't return any results. I prepared to raise her a bit, put some training on her and find her a good home. She found a good home and we found a AWESOME dog!!! Being a large breed dog trainer I could never imagine - EVER having a small breed dog as my companion. My last dog was a Rottweiler who passed away several months prior to finding Georgia. I was wrong about the small dog thing as I am proud to show off my beautiful Jack Russell Terrier Shorty who has taught me that love (and dynamite), do come in small packages. I identify her as a JRTmix, but I honestly believe she is pure JRT, she doesn't match the classic body type but I have seen pix of full blooded JRTs that fit her - I believe she is 100% JRT, with long hair and uncut tail. I just find it hard to believe someone would dump her or not know she had gotten away. Whatever ~ However ~ Doesn't matter, I love her no matter what she has or doesn't have. She doesn't have to be full blooded anything she is ALL HEART mine and hers!

Thank you for the fantastic Jack Russell Terrier pictures Sheila!

Meet Riley from one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Sarah in Connecticut.

jack russell picture

Here's what Sarah writes about Riley:

My 19 year old son and his 17 year old girlfriend decided that they wanted to buy a puppy together, they didn't tell anyone what they were planning. The dog would live at my house! They had asked me one day what kind of dog I would get if I ever got a dog. I said a Jack Russell. They picked up Riley on May 24 - he was the cutest thing we had ever seen - my husband fell in love immediately!!! Needless to say we all have fallen in love with Riley - we can't imagine life without him.

Thank you for the incredible Jack Russell Terrier pictures Sarah!

Meet Diesel and Zero from Down Under.  Thanks for one of our favorite Jack Russell Terrier Pictures

jack russell dogs

Here's what John writes:

Hi, Love your Web site my wife and I would lost without a Jack around the home. Attached are a couple of photos of our Jack Russells Diesel and Zero we would love to see them on your Web site. Cheers!

Thank you for the great Jack Russell Terrier pictures John and Wendy!

Meet Marley from one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Wendy in North Carolina.


Here's what Wendy writes about Marley:

Marley is the best dog we have ever had! He is a great looking dog, with so much personality and charm. He loves to go for walks on the golf course. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't laugh at him. Sometimes we want to ring his neck for doing something we don't want him to do, but we just laugh it off. We can tell he is going to be strong dog. He loves meeting new people and licking them to death. He is such a sweet & loving dog. We just love him to death!

Thank you for the wonderful Jack Russell Terrier pictures Wendy!

Meet Echo from one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Misty.

jack russell terrier picture

Here's what Misty writes about Echo:

This is Echo. He is going to be in shows. Since his dad is Sow's Ear Spago and he looks just like him, his name is Sweet B Spago's Echo. Echo for short. He is four months. Not the best pics, but I did most of them with a webcam.

Thank you for the cute Jack Russell Terrier pictures Misty!

Meet Codi Kidd from one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Don.

jack russell terrier photo

Here are some more pics of Codi Kidd, hope you enjoy these!

Thank you for the great set of Jack Russell Terrier pictures Don!

Meet Eve from one of the Jack Russell Terrier Pictures sent to me by Paul in the UK.

jack russell pup

Here's what Paul writes about Eve:

Hi, Im' attaching some pics of my JRT Eve. She`s a small jack only standing 9.5" at the withers. She`s a typical jack doing everything at top speed. Her nickname is stig (as in of the dump) because if anything gets left on the floor and then disappears you can guarantee it will be in her bed.



Thank you for the great set of Jack Russell Terrier pictures Paul!

Meet Timy sent to me by Miro in Slovakia.

jack russell terrier picture

Here's what Miro writes about Timy:

This is my lovely dog, 2 months old, called Timy (as Timothy). We live together in flat in Bratislava, Slovakia. Every day he is growing up, playing with us - seems to be very intelligent.


Miro Rysan, Bratislava, Slovakia

Thank you for the wonderful Jack Russell Terrier pictures Miro!

Meet Sydney sent to me by Michael in Wisconsin.

jack russell terrier picture

Here's what Michael writes about Sydney:

We were just introduced to your site. This is Sydney. Her birthday is January 24, 2006. As you can see she is a bit spoiled. You might even say she is a diva but I say she is just my little Princess. We live in Wisconsin so in the winter she does where boots, coats and sweaters. She and her brother Sonic (Rat Terrier) go to doggy daycare at my sister's everyday and sleep with us in our bed at night. Sydney loves to play with tennis balls so we go to the local tennis court and let her and Sonic run until they are ready to sleep. Our vacations are planned so that they can come with. Our favorite is Ironwood, Michigan and Lake Superior. Sydney enjoys the swimming and sand.

Thank you for the fantastic set of Jack Russell Terrier pictures Michael!

Meet Mylo sent to me by Antoine.

parson jack russell terrier

Here's what Antoine writes about Mylo:

This is Mylo he is five months old and very dear to my son and I :)

Thank you for the great set of Jack Russell Terrier pictures Antoine!

Meet Orange Juice sent to me by Vienn in the Philippines.

jack russell terrier picture

Here's what Vienn writes about Orange Juice:

Orange Juice is currently 7 months old and is just bursting with energy! Taking this pup out for an hours walk won't even get him tired. My family are first time owners of the breed and spending 4 months with Orange have made us discover wonderful things about the breeds nature. His adorable, cute face allows him to get away with mischief. My family will never see small dogs the same way again! He has 21 red marks and 1 green mark in his birth card, which I think traces the root of his intelligence and alertness. Orange Juice has become our source of entertainment at any given time. He definitely serves the purpose of what I got him for - my stress buster!

Thank you for the great set of Jack Russell Terrier pictures Vienn!

Meet Jack sent to me by the Ashley family in Illinois.

jack russell named jack

Here's what Nick writes about Jack:

I am sending some pictures of our dog Jack. My wifes Mom and Dad used to breed them on their farm in Orion Il that's where we got him. He is about 5 years old now and has grown up around our 3 Girls ages now 7, 10, and 15 so you can imagine what he went through as a puppy. Best dog in the world, and smart as a whip. He knows how to works us. I hope you all like the pictures and hope to see them on your website. God Bless!!

Thank you for the wonderful Jack Russell Terrier pictures Nick & Missy!

Meet Eddie sent to me by Pauline in France.

eddie jack russell terrier pic

Here's what Pauline writes about Eddie:

Eddie is a Parson Jack Russell and he will be 2 in August. We are running a B&B in France (although Eddie came from the well known breeder Eddie Chapman in the UK) and all our guests absolutely adore him. He has one of those very cute faces and the camera loves him - he is full of fun, very energetic as you can imagine and a really wonderful personality. We also have two Siamese cats who are now 4 and yes, he gets on very well with both of them although one in particular is his favorite. You will see in the photos that this cat even got into Eddie's cage with him - for a hunter it shows how lovely he is. When Eddie goes for walks in the park near our house - Tao goes too and it is lovely to see them playing together. All in all he is a very adorable little dog and we just wouldn't be without him.

Thank you for the adorable Jack Russell Terrier Pictures Pauline!

Meet Maisey and Mickey sent to me by Missy.

jack russell terriers

Here's what Missy writes about her dogs:

Hello, my name is Missy. I have 2 jack Russells, a female named Maisy who is 1 1/2 yrs old and a male named Mickey who is 9 months old. Both are busy, busy, busy! And even though they get into lots and lots of trouble, that adorable "I didn't do it" look always melts your heart! I'm sending pictures, Maisy is almost all white with the rough coat and Mickey is the slick coat with brown spots.

Thank you for the wonderful Jack Russell Terrier pictures Missy!

Meet Sebastian sent to me by Kelly in Tennessee.

jack russell photo

Here's what Kelly writes about Sebastian:

Ran across your web page and wanted to share pics of my baby. We live in Knoxville, TN and his name is Sebastian. He is 1 1/2 years old now and so full of energy. He is a great dog and has learned to do several tricks, however he is extremely stubborn when he knows he is doing something wrong. We have tons of pictures and will send you some updates often. Loves to wear clothes, and is very picky about his food. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thank you for the adorable Jack Russell Terrier pictures Haley!

Meet Bobo sent to me by Haley in Wisconsin.

bobo jack russell pic

Here's what Haley writes about Bobo:

Hi my name is Haley from Mauston, Wisconsin and this is my dog Bobo. He is over a year now I got him at a shelter when he was 11 months and when I saw him I fell in love with him. He is my world and I love him to death. He has such a great personality he tries to be like he is a big dog at heart and it's so funny when he barks and tries to act tough. He has a lot of spunk to him and then he has his stubborn side a very quick learner though I would have to say. He is very affectionate and loves to play tug of war, go for walks, playing with other dogs, loves meeting new people. All in all he is a funny little guy and I love him so much.

Thank you for the adorable Jack Russell Terrier pictures Haley!

Meet Tipper and Aero sent to me by Marc.

photo jack russells

Here's what Marc writes about his "Tree Dogs":

Tipper (the black faced dog) has been climbing trees for some time. She has taught Aero (the other one) how to strattle limbs to climb. Both have found a bird nest in a tree in the neighbors yard. Attached are stills of them hunting the tree. The pictures really don't do justice because they don't show all the jumping around and scratching at the nest. At first I was fearful of them falling. But as the days past, they both have developed cat like reflexes that allow them to turn around in place and turn as the climb down the tree going head first.

Thank you for the very unique Jack Russell Terrier pictures Marc!

Meet Camden Kensington Hummel sent to me by Joshua.

camden jack russell photo

Here's what Joshua writes about Camden Kensington:

This is my great friend Camden Kensington Hummel, She is currently 1.5 years old. By far this breed is the most affectionate and intelligent. My parents in my absence have trained her to watch the discovery channel with them. We have found out she does not like alligators. Hah. I am amazed and astounded at their their intelligence, you can see them think and react to voice tones, your eye movement and they always try to think one step ahead of you! Brilliant with hearts of Gold. Love em!

Thank you for the fantastic Jack Russell Terrier pictures Joshua!

Meet Suntory sent to me by Steven.

parson jack russell

Here's what Steven writes about Suntory:

Hello I just ran in to your website. I love the pictures. I have a 6 month old parson jack russell. She is named Suntory after the famous Japanese whiskey. I have no idea why I picked that name. But it stuck. Here are some pictures of her. I hope they find you, and fellow JRT owners well.

Thank you for the awesome Jack Russell Terrier pictures Steven!

If would you like to see your Jack Russell Terrier Pictures included on this page, you can submit them below: or if you'd prefer, email them to us here.

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