Jack Russell Crosses Mia and Pippa

by Tracey Bradbery
(Tamworth , Australia)

Jack Russell Crosses Mia and Pippa

Jack Russell Crosses Mia and Pippa

After the last of our three children had left for adult life, despite the odd visit home for rest and food, I felt I needed something though why I don't know. Anyway in January this year we went to the local dog refuge and found these two precious babies. they were 3 months old and are now 9 months old. Pippa, the long haired one got quite ill with an undiagnosed sickness, but $1000 later she improved.

They are sisters and possibly mixed with Maltese Terrier, though not confirmed.

They are so close it is beautiful.

Our Lives have been turned upside down by them but we love them.

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