Jack Russel

Child Friendly Jack Russells

by Stacey

Told one of them to get on their bed and they both did!

Told one of them to get on their bed and they both did!

We got our first jack russel, Pieta, when my daughter was three years old. Almost from the beginning, Pieta would go to bed with my daughter and wait until she fell asleep before leaving her. We always knew when our daughter was asleep because Pieta would leave as soon as she was asleep. It was like she thought that was her job.

Now we have two Jack Russels and they take turns sleeping with her. We got Lee less than a year ago and it was total chaos for a while with the dogs trying to decide who was the top dog. My daughter has taught Lee to climb a ladder into a tree and part way up the tree to get a ball. She has taught him all kinds of neat tricks.

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