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We are constantly working on our growing collection and Jack Russell health and wellness articles. If there is anything on your mind, let us know and we'll have our staff veterinarian answer one question each week. You can submit your Jack Russell Terrier health problems and questions here.

Note that Jack Russell health in general is not a problem as they are a strong and resilient breed. The Jack Russell health problems listed below are seen in Jack Russell's, but the incidence tends to be lower than other breeds, but enough of a concern to just be a watch out for owners in case they see any of these symptoms:

Jack Russell Terrier Health Problems that are Genetic (Inherited):

Jack Russell Terrier Health Problems Description Symptoms
Jack Russell Canine Heart Related Diseases:
Canine Cardiomyopathy Heart muscle abnormality resulting in water on the lungs Wheezing and difficulty with exercise
Canine Patent Ductus Arteriosus Heart problem where the vessel that connects that pulmonary artery and aorta does not close when a dog is born Symptoms include heart failure due to exercise requiring special care of Jack Russell patent ductus arteriosus patients
Jack Russell Neurological and Brain Related Diseases:
Canine Cerebellar Ataxia Neurological problem Can cause a Jack Russell to stagger when walking
Canine Hydrocephaly Fluid accumulation in the brain Symptoms include disorientation, walking into objects. Short survival time.
Canine progressive neuronal abiotrophy Neurological condition Causes tremors, staggering when walking, and it becomes difficult for the Jack Russell to stand or do simple things such as eating
Other Jack Russell Terrier Health Problems
Canine Cryptochidism When the testicles do not descend into the dog's scrotum Only 1 or no testicles visible at the scrotum.  Not life threatening.  Dogs with this condition are often neutered.
Dog Hernias Tissue or a body organ extends through the body wall causing a budge in the scrotum or stomach Growth on stomach or body wall.  Seek veterinary care as soon as possible
Jack Russell High Toes, Short Toes Seen primarily on a Jack's front feet where the toes are shorter than normal Not a problem for the Jack, but considered a breeding problem
Canine Leg-Calve-Perthes disease Disease causes the head of the femur or thigh bone to degenerate. Occurs starting at age 6 months Rear leg lameness causing one leg to look different than the others.
Canine Von Willebrand's disease (vWD) This refers to a bleeding problem caused by abnormal platelets Jacks that bleed for prolonged periods of time, or easier than you expect should be evaluated for this disease
Canine Sensory Disorders
Canine deafness One or two ears. Jacks at 5 weeks should receive a BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response)  test, which tests for deafness.  Ask your breeder to make sure they performed this test. Lack of response to commands
Canine Lens Luxation Eye lens dislocation Eye pain, eye redness.  If left untreated, canine glaucoma can set in
Canine Glaucoma Pressure in the eye that can cause damage Dilated pupil, eye cloudiness, rubbing of the eye with paw

Here are a few of the Jack Russell health and wellness articles available on this site. We will be developing new articles on the  Jack Russell Terrier health problems listed above, Jacks are also  subject to every day issues such as dog skin disorders,  

Dog Health and Wellness Articles:

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