BunkerHill Terriers

by Janine McClure
(Los Alamitos, Ca)

Pete-e and Murphy

Pete-e and Murphy

We are in love with the Jack Russell Terriers. We started with 2, 9 years ago. When our darling girl passed away, we were all devastated. Especially her brother, Scooter. He moped around, wouldn't eat, wouldn't play, just sat. So we went to a local breeder and bought our next darling girl, Daytona. She is a princess. She is loving and playful, is good with other dogs, loves to race at the trials and love love loves gtg (go-to-ground). It took Scooter a few weeks to warm up to her but now they are great friends. Since that time we have aquired, Soul Man, the father of our first litter, and Hollister. These two are now neutered and have been chipped. We kept two pups from our first litter (Soul Man X Daytona), Pete-e and Murphy.

We all live together, play together and have fun together.
Because of their sensitive stomachs and skin, we started making our own food. We started by cooking the food but all dogs are now on an all raw diet. All the dogs love it. They are healthy, happy and their coats are magnificent.
We are members of the National organization, the JRTCA (Jack Russell Terrier Club of America) and are very active in our local club, SCJRTC, South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club. We are located in Southern California.

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