Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers

by Alison
(Hayward, CA)

Liv, Inja, and Boney Play Ball

Liv, Inja, and Boney Play Ball

Kimberlite Farms, Jack Russell Terriers

We are in the Hayward Hills on about 2 acres, where the dogs and horses have a great life.

Jack Russells are great dogs, but don't forget to check the JRTCA site( take the Profiler test before you consider a Jack Russell as a pet. Remember they are hunting dogs.

Our dogs are great family pets, and we love their attention. They are great with kids, dogs, horses, chickens and goats. We compete successfully in Lure Coursing, Flyball, Agility, Frisbee and the traditional Conformation, Obedience, Racing and Go-to-Ground at Jack Russell Shows. They are excellent hunters, mostly California Style.

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