Liberty the JRT is in Charge

by Bill Mendenhall
(Wilmington, DE USA)

Liberty meets the boys at the Bark park

Liberty meets the boys at the Bark park

Liberty is 4 1/2 years old and I wouldn't give her up for anything. People said you need experience to own an Jack Russell. Well, now I've had and am having the experience and it's great. Libby is like the activity director at the dog park. If nothing is going on she grabs a stick or ball and gets the big dogs moving for a game of chase. Being a Jack the big dogs wait till she's done with the ball or stick and she lets them have it.It's funny to see a Rottie waiting for Libby to get done playing with the Rotties ball so it can have it's ball back. Thanks for all the great JRT pictures and stories.

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