My Jack Russell Terrier Annie is my Gem

by Fran

Fran the Jack Russell Terrier

Fran the Jack Russell Terrier

When we lost one of our large dogs a year and a half ago, I decided I wanted to rescue a small dog that would be easy to travel with. I started to look on the internet when I came across a picture of Annie on the humane society web site. As soon as I saw her picture, I knew she was the one for me and called to put a hold on her.

With a little work and Heartworm treatment (she tested positive), she has evolved into one of the most intelligent and attentive dogs I have ever owned. She learns and retains so quickly, that's its almost scary.

This is proof that there are so many gems out there that need to be rescued.

She is 2 1/2 now and i hope to have many years with her at my side.

We were so very lucky to have found her.

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