Jack Russel


by Christina Escalante
(Califas, USA)

Ziggy Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier

Ziggy Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier

Ziggy Short Legged Jack Russell Terrier
Ziggy Jack Russell

This is Ziggy everyone...he is my short legged Jack Russell Terrier. I always tell him he's momma's number 1 Boy and he just loves it!!!

He loves the heck out a squeaky toy any time or day of the week. He loves to chase balls up and down the yard. He loves children, and golfers too lol.

His coat is so soft and he a good snuggler. He doesn't squirm around like my other Jack Russell. He is 11yrs old now and his face is all full of grey hair from his older years now. I notice and had to buy his medication to help him with his joints. Since he is shorter legs his hips hurt him now so I also bought him stairs that help him get up and down off the couch and anywhere he would usually jump up the stairs help him a great deal.

One last thing that has helped me is when he is napping I made a little add-band and I bought an infant size pillow to help him keep his legs together from the twitching he does when he is asleep that effect his joints as well.

He has been a delight and a joy to have in my life and I cherish all the times we still have to come.

Editor Comment

Thanks for introducing all of us to Ziggy. He is obviously a wonderful "momma's #1 boy" and a great companion.

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