Xena "The Star of South Africa"

by Willie van Wyk
(South Africa)

I am  a STAR

I am a STAR

Xena was given to us as a gift and what a gift she is. We called her Xena because it means foreigner for the specific reason that she came from the African borders.

It was like a blessing after our first Jack Russell died from parvo virus.

Okay, she's not naughty and she doesn't eat shoes and she also never digs up the garden aaah NOT....

No really she's a bundle of joy after she was about three weeks old she was diagnosed with demodectic mange but with a little help from a 24HR Vet Clinic "24 Hour Emergency Clinic Fisherhill" and Dr Thulani Mthimunye she's all better.

And now she only plays, eats and sleeps.

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