Woody and Wally

by Larry C
(El Dorado Hills, CA)

Woody and Wally

Woody and Wally

Woody (smaller one, purebred smooth coat) is 7 dog years old, very sweet disposition, wants to meet anyone or any animal nearby, and licks everything in sight. He is always the kid and mom favorite for anyone that meets him; my wife says he is fickle and will go with anyone! He had some scary experiences with a previous owner - fell in a pool and had to tread water for over an hour before he was found there nearly drowned. A sitter put a rubber band around his neck which rubbed away his fir and caused a serious infection.

Wally (taller one, purebred rough coat) is 4.5 dog years old, handsome with a disarming face. He likes to be the boss (slight Napoleon complex) and is all about finding food and digging for critters. Woody is actually the better hunter, having caught and killed well over a dozen baby snakes in our back yard and one full-grown 4 ft. long CA king snake! Wally is our fly hunter.

Both love to sleep under warm covers at night but by 5AM are ready to go. At about 9PM they are done for the day and look for a warm lap to curl up on.

Both have the same father and both mothers have Wally's proportions. Breeder was Tina Iler of Peoria, AZ.

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