Winter Russell

by Keisha
(Hammond, Indiana)

My JR is a 14 month old who goes by the name of Winter Russell. Winter is the only child, and he loves socks, potato chips, chicken, honey turkey lunch meat and many other foods. He have low tolerance for cold weather and will not relieve himself until he come back inside the house and uses at his appropriate place. Winter is a morning dog, and he believes I suppose to be up with him early in the morning. He begs for my turkey bacon every weekend morning, and a sucker, which I admit, I share my turkey bacon with him. Besides, he is the joy and love of my life. My life has been a thrilled and laughter every day when I come home from work. The entire family loves him and enjoy his presence. Modeling in his clothes should be a second career for him, and a smile to die for!!!!

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Nov 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hello Winter, I love your name,and it sounds as though you are a very loved Pooch, and slightly spoilt, and so you should be.


Nov 21, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Very interesting name! I like it. Winter has beautiful long legs and a lovely smile.
Glad to hear wonderful stories of how HAPPY our JRT's/mixes make us.

Have a great day in Indiana!

Take care, you and Winter,
Stef, Belgium, JRT Lover from Texas!

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