Will she be ok with another female ?

by Kylie P

Baby Gurl xx

Baby Gurl xx

Hi! I already have a Jack Russell, Gizmo, Ive had her since she was a young puppy and she is now 20 months old. I house-trained her etc myself and shes amazing. She is very loved and very spoil t, although seems to be somewhat lonely. She craves the attention of other dogs when she goes out and plays about and sniffs them. She has a lot of energy, as Jack Russells do, and I was thinking about getting another puppy for her to play with and me to love.

I babysat a friend of mines puppy at the beginning of the year and at first Gizmo was a bit offish with her, barking and growling etc, Im sure this was to show dominancy, however after 3-4 days Gizmo settled down and played about with the pup and let the pup (also a girl) snuggle into her to sleep. When the pup went back to my friend after 2 weeks, Gizmo seemed lost for a couple of days, was looking about etc for the pup and 'mopped' about for a while.

Now im thinking of buying another Jack Russell, and am wondering would it be best a male or female? Iv heard two females dont get on together, but she got on perfect with my friends puppy! I just wonder if it would of lasted, due to both craveing dominancy???

I dont want to make the wrong decision on this, as I wouldnt want to put Giz, or the new puppy through it if it didnt work out.



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