Why is my Jack Russell Losing Dog Hair on Face

Why has my JRD started going bald all over his face? He does not scratch and it is not dry he is not irritated by this it is just falling out. What can you suggest.


Editor Suggestion Jack Russell Dog Hair Loss on Face

There are several reasons why a Jack Russell would suffer from face dog hair loss. This resource from the Dog Health Guide does a good job of outlining the general cause of dog hair loss.

You have to be a bit of a detective to understand the cause. For example:

1. Is the hair loss accompanied by itch and when did symptoms first appear. Itch is a sign of allergy which in Jack Russell's is likely to be seasonal since they like to get into outdoors areas where there can be potential allergens. This problem is referred to as atopic dermatitis (canine atopy). Sometimes with allergy, they start as seasonal allergies, and then develop into a year round problem with a reaction to indoor problems such as dust, mites and mold.

If this is the case, you can combat the problem by identifying and removing the allergen (your Vet will be of help) and then providing some sort of either prescription to address the allergic reaction and a supplement approach to stop itch and support the dog's natural ability to respond to allergens. You can try a supplement such as 3V Caps, which contains Omega-3 fatty acids. The homeopathic Skin and Coat is also a good choice as an additional option. These along with an anti-bacterial shampoo such as Vet Solutions could be helpful and possible show results (scratching introduces bacteria into the skin).

Itch can also indicate skin problems such as mange. To differentiate one cause from another, and if the condition doesn't improve after trying some of the above, see your vet sooner rather than later.

2. If there is no itch, then there is a range of explanations that can be best left to a veterinarian. This could be some type of hormone related underlying problem or something as simple as ringworm that is localized to the face. If a medicated shampoo doesn't help, which will address fungal or bacterial causes, then the condition requires more investigation.

Best of luck, perhaps our readers can help with some additional suggestions.

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