why is he doing this

how can i get my male jack russel terrier to stop pissing on my bed?

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Nov 20, 2010
Vet visit.
by: Anonymous

I would certainly get your dog checked out at the vet as this is not normal,and needs to be sorted as soon as possible, your dog may have something lodged in it's stomach and is trying to be sick and move it,so please see a vet ASAP


Nov 19, 2010
my dog keeps eating anything she can then is sick whats wrong
by: daren

my 10 yr old bitch from time to time goes round the floor eating anything she can . paper, carpet,and jumps onto table and eats butts out the ashtray,she does this in a frenzy, then is sick and then repeats the process. its like she is trying to get something out her stomach.does anyone else see there jack do this? whats wrong with her ? ?
please email me.

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