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Why does my dog always shakes his head when it house or outside like something is on him

by Reba
(Smyrna, Ga)

I have a Chihuahua JRT mixed how do I train him since both breeds are hyper dogs? he's always shaking his head like something is on him. and does not eat his food, I give him Purina One puppy food. he's 6 months old. loves to run around the room in circles. Should I get him spaded now? He is a loving dog but follows me everywhere, he is potty trained and knows when he wants to go out. Another thing is I take him out so much cause he will not go on puppy pads.

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Sep 26, 2010
shaking head
by: Anonymous

I agree you must have your dogs ears checked for infection or mites it sounds as though it could be either and the dog will feel very sore and uncomfortable if it is, so please let the vet have a look, as it can be sorted easily with the right treatment and then your dog will feel so much better.

Sep 26, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

The first thing that I would say is to look inside his ears and see if he has an ear infection. It would have a nasty smell and be dark brown to black in his ears. If so, it must be treated by your Vet. Your mix is very easy to train. Just look for training of JRT's on the web. The mixes have less medical problems and learn very quickly. I would get him fixed NOW, or as soon as your Vet tells you. He can hold his bladder for about 2 hours comfortably, but I would work on 1 hour now and then increase every month an hour. Right now it's just fun to go outside often to play. That will change when the pup gets about 1 years old. They will want to be with you lots because the JRT's(mixes) love their forever people. They are a loyal breed, but they must be trained. You can train for free at home and don't need a trainer or a group. BUT, I would take him to be around more people and walk him on a leash, as often as you can. They need to be socialized from 6 months onward!
G-d Bless and have a wonderful life with that precious pup,
Stef, Belgium
P.S. my 16 year old daughter was born in Columbus, Georgia! Georgians are kind people!!

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