When To Know If A Jack Russell If Ready For Breeding

by Jon
(new York, NY)

Reader Question: How To Know When Jack Russell Is Ready For Breeding?

Hi I was just wondering how much should your Jack Russell weigh before breeding? Also how do you know if your jack Russell is in a good breeding state?


Veterinarian Answers Reader Question Regarding Proper Jack Russell Time For Breeding


I do not recommend breeding any dogs that are not part of a defined breeding program run by an individual who is experienced in what to look for in good breeding stock, genetics, and how to handle the emergencies that can develop during mating, pregnancy, and with young puppies. Pure bred dogs have more than their fair share of health problems that are caused, in part, by poor breeding choices.

The only way to ensure that future generations are healthier (and to reduce the millions of unwanted animals that are euthanized every year) is to closely control which animals are used for breeding and which are not.


Jennifer Coates, DVM

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