very frustrated owner

by Toni Sullivan

I have 2 Seven month old JRT'S X 1 Bitch the other a Male. My male dog is potty trained (within 3 weeks) he will go to the door & bark to let us know that he wants to go to the toilet, my bitch well that's a completely different story. She is not potty trained at all, for 1 she does not bark, make a noise, growl nothing the only time she will bark is when she hears someone over the fence or when passing a stranger on her walk otherwise not a peep out of her. So she does not communicate to let us know she wants to go out unlike her brother. I let her out frequently but as soon as she comes in within 10/15 mins she will have another wee, she even sneaks off to do this. Ie when 've gone to answer the door or take the washing out, make the dinner any opportunity she takes it. I clean up thoroughly after her so she wont do it again because of the smell. She just goes in another spot. I've tried all the praising, treats etc.... I just don't get it Could there be some medical problem??? The 2 dogs are so different in nature my boy he is so outgoing, fun , stocky in built,she on the other hand is constantly nervous, still cowers at times, very fussy with her food & still quite skinny, Is there any thing left & is this normal in both of the problems i have with her....???

Would love some feed back I don't know what else to do???

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