Using Dog Come Command and Collar

by Jean-Marie Davids
(Bloemfontein Free State South Africa)

My one Jack Russel does not listen whenever I call him, What can I do about this, the other one does not want to wear its collar, what to do?

Editor Suggestions Dog Training

It's important to have a dog obey three basic types of commands, to come on command, to lay down, and to stop doing something that the dog should not be doing.

Regarding the "Come" command, do not use it whenever you want your dog to stop doing something bad, as this confuses the meaning of the command. "Come" needs to be thought of as something positive.

We suggest following the method suggested by Warren Ekstein in the book "How to Get Your Dog to Do What you Want." The goal of this training is to clearly signal to your dog that great things will happen such as praise when you call him or her.


1, Put your dog on a 6 foot training leash.
2. Place your dog in a sit position at your heel.
3. Give the stay command, and back away from your dog while holding the leash.
4. Call your dog to you in a fun, nice tone such as "Dog Name Come." The author suggests using the name of your dog first in your command.
5. Step backward while reeling in the leash, while talking to your dog.
6. When your dog is at your feet, give the sit command.
7. Provide exaggerated praise. Get down on your knees and provide praise.
8. Repeat a few times.

If your dog does not come, then give the leash a little tug. Don't use your dog's name when correcting the behavior, only when providing positive praise.

In terms of a collar, make sure you have a training collar that is 2 inches longer than your dog's neck. A puppy should be gradually introduced to a collar. Only put the collar on your dog for a few minutes at a time and be sure to do this at the same time as providing a reward such as a toy or an occasional treat. The goal is to associate the collar with good things such as you providing praise or a reward. Over time, increase the amount of time that the collar is worn. Using this method will have your dog wanting to wear the collar in no time.

It takes some practice on the part of the owner to project confidence in commanding a dog to act.

In future, you can consult with a professional trainer or try an online course such as the one provided by Dove Cresswell.

Readers, please provide additional suggestions.

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