Urinating Problem

by Leo & Karen
(Manchester, UK)

Three days ago, we have adopted a Jack Russell puppy from the Tameside Animal Shelter. This cute puppy, named Baileys, is approximately 5 months old.

We have tried to do potty training with her, by spraying some attractant onto the newspaper, so that she will urinate there. However, the spray that we purchased from the pet shop didn't work. She is still urinating anywhere she likes, on the carpets. How can we predict when she will urinate? What should we do?

Another problem is we've never hear her barking at all. Baileys is too quiet. We wanted to listen to her voice, her barking. Is it normal for her not to bark at all?

Would you please give me some advice on what I could do to resolve the 2 problems?

Many thanks!

Regards, Leo & Karen

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Jan 13, 2009
Urinating Problem
by: Harborview JRTS

First congratulations on your new puppy. How old is she?

You are making things doubly hard for you and Baileys by trying to teach her to go potty on a newspaper. Why not teach her to go outside then you don't have to retrain her to do that later. Take her outside very very frequently and no playing till she has done something. Always bring her to the same place. A great tool for this is purchasing what is known as an Exercise pen (x-pen) at your pet store or on line at any dog related place. You set this up and when you bring her outside you place her in this area. She will come to know that it is for potty calls. If you let her roam the yard she is just play and sniff and forget about going till she comes inside and there is nothing new to do and remember, oh yeah I had to potty.

Believe me using the x-pen for potty training works dramatically. It is also so helpful if you want to bring your dog with you in the car anywhere and especially on trips. If you need to stop for potty call, you just unfold the x-pen and put her in it, and she knows just what to do. You can use it at friends houses, etc. You really must get one. Make sure it is tall enough that she doesn't jump out.

As far as barking, hahahahaha, don't rush it, it will come when she feels the need and feels comfortable in her new surroundings. One day you will wish for the quiet Jack Russell. Hahahaha.

Good luck and keep me posted.

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