Two Peas in a Pod

by Colby
(Paducah KY)

Two peas in a Pod (Bandit and Sugar)

Two peas in a Pod (Bandit and Sugar)

My birthday is March 21. This year my husband brought home my second Jack. We have named him Bandit (male). He is just a little ball of love. At nine weeks old he has no problem keeping up with my 3 year old female. At first my husband said that we should not get another one because our dog (Sugar) has been an "only child" for so long, we weren't sure how she would react. But 2 days after we brought the little guy home. My female fell in love with him. She became a puppy again, rolling around in the floor and playing (like I have never seen her do before). I am soooooo glad!! Jack's are the best dogs anyone could ever have. Enclosed is the picture of my baby's. Bandit on the left and Sugar on the right.

Colby Mills
Paducah KY

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