Trouble on Walks

by Brittany
(Louisiana )

I have a JRT/Rat Terrier mix that is 2- 2 ½ (he is a once abused rescue) and he is a wonderful dog! The only problem is when we go on walks he tries to run up to every other dog in the neighborhood. We had to get a harness to walk him because he pulled so bad it was making him gag. We’ve tried holding him at our sides and introducing him to the other dogs but when they get close he barks aggressively (no matter the other dogs size). I know he’s trying to be the Alpha but I want to be able to walk without our neighbor’s running back inside because he stirs all the other dogs up! Also, he’s slightly aggressive but we can typically make him stop. But then he pulls on the leash so hard he looks like he’s hopping. Any ideas?

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