too much sleep?

I have 2 JRT one is 1 1/2 and the other 3 years old.

They both sleep during the day and night. How can I get them to be more active during the day
instead of just sleeping.

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Sep 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though they are bored,so just sleep all day,there are lots of games you can play and stimulate the dogs minds,get them to sit, have some old keys or any item the dogs relate to show it to the dog,and then put the item about a foot away from you,telling the dog to find the item, it will take a few times for them to understand what is expected from them, but once they nudge the item give them a treat and some fuss,and just move the item a little further each time you play the game,and in time you will be able to hide the item out of view but the dog will still find it, this type of game stimulates the dogs mind and stops them getting bored which is not good for them, it is best to do this game one dog at a time, if you google (search on line) for games to stimulate your dogs mind you will find many things to do, but only play each game for 3/4 minutes at a time or the dog will not react.I hope this helps.

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