we rescued a jack Russell 6 months ago just recently he has started growling at my wife when my wife gets affectionate with me

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Feb 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

We just adopted our jack russell about a month ago and every once in a while if i kiss his head or his side he starts to growl and show his teeth at me but never at my husband. Why is that? Then other times he is on top of me licking me to death. Should I do the same thing when he growls and shows his teeth at me?

Jan 22, 2011
by: ScooterMama


Your poochie doesn't have any idea what's going on, but if he feels threatened or territorial towards your wife, then this is how he will respond.
I would suggest a little training might be in order. When he growls or behaves in a negative manner, it's time to pick him up, tell him in a strong voice NO and put him in his locked kennel box. After a while he will get the message that it is not OKAY to act aggressive or growl at anything or anyone.

Stick with this for atleast 3 weeks or however long it takes. If he is not too strong willed, it could take just hours.

If you start to notice that he is going back to his negative ways, start the retraining immediately.

JRT's want to please their families more than anything, but must be shown how.

The best to you all and let me know if I can be of further help.

Stef, Belgium, JRT TEXAN LOVER!

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