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our jrt always seems to be hungry and has lost a lot of weight. we can't feed him enough but he never puts weight on. he is 14 years old now. he usually looks fed up but sometimes acts like an excited puppy fetching toys etc etc. he's always drinking water especially stale rainwater in drains and bird baths and its a constant battle to stop him drinking this dirty water. the vet wants us to spend £100's pounds on tests but from what they say, he has a liver problem and they want us to spend a fortune on a diet and tablets supplied by them. any advice for our human trapped in a jrt body?

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Jul 14, 2009
Thirsty Toby
by: Anonymous

Any trip to the vet these days is expensive and especially if there are health problems. You said the vet thinks Toby may have a liver problem, and he may well have. But the symptoms of excessive thirst and always being hungry (yet not gaining) sounds more like diabetes. I don't want to worry you, but it might be worth checking into. Diabetes affects dogs much like it does humans. Sadly, even with medications, diabetes is much more difficult to treat in dogs, very expensive, and is usually very heartbreaking in the end. If his health is really failing, my friend, the most humane thing an owner can do for their companion is, ultimately, provide them with a peaceful, pain-free passing. The fact he likes his water stale or stagnant doesn't surprise me, my jack loves tasting nasty puddles of water (must be a doggy thing). Best wishes and best of luck.

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