toby licks everything

by sherry
(washington ch, ohio)

Mu jack russell licks everything! He will be on the couch, chair, or floor and just lick for every, to where there will be a huge wet spot where ever he was laying. Is there anything I can do or should be doing to stop him from licking like crazy?


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Mar 05, 2010
Jack Licks Everything Also
by: Lori

My Jack is 11 now, he has been licking objects like the couch and pillows forever!!! He has always done this..
I read one time that it is a common trait of Jack's to do this.
Ive never been worried since!

Jan 07, 2010
Obsessive licking
by: Kelly

My JRT Duffy licks everything obsessively too! Especially human skin and he licks his joints on his front legs raw and chews them so much that they have filled with a squishy fluid are enlarged quite a bit. Help! Anyone heard of this?

Nov 16, 2009
Obsessive licking...
by: Anonymous

Maybe you could divert the dog's attention with a chew bone or some other toy. Maybe he needs more walking, play time, etc.

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