Tinkerbell at the Lake

by Terri

Guy & Tinkerbell

Guy & Tinkerbell

I came across your webpage by accident and absolutely LOVED it!

Tinkerbell is my first Jack. My husband bought her for me as a Birthday
gift when she was barely 6 weeks old. She is not almost 4 years old.
My husband and I had just lost custody of his 6 year old son who moved
to Louisiana and we were heartbroken. We found, however, that this
little 4 pound bundle of joy would mend not only our broken hearts but
become a member of our family, our "child" so to speak. I have never
had a dog so precious, loving and fun as my Tinkerbell. She brings such
joy to both our lives and everyone that comes in contact with her. She
is fun, mischievous, loving and loyal. I will never have any other
breed of dog. She does everything with us. We even take her to the
Lake and she rides in the boat with us. We take her for rides on the
tube (with her daddy) and she barks and tries to bite the waves. Our
love and gratitude for her is never ending. She is our pride and joy.

Terri & Guy

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