Tigger, Our Baby Girl

by Tammy Compare
(Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada)

Meet Tigger

Meet Tigger

We adopted Tigger about 2 years ago from a lady who was dying and wanted her to have a good home. As a friend of my Moms she knew Tigger would be safe with us. She has been a part of our family ever since and our baby. We love her as if we had born her ourselves and she is a big part of our life. She comes everywhere with us, loves other animals, kids and is such a friendly girl. She is very sociable and has settled into a routine that is so funny. She is normally very active but she seems to know when Monday comes. If we are home by chance during the week during the day she just lounges around on our bed until the kids come home from school. She knows too as she will be waiting at the door for our daughter. We are truly blessed to have Tigger and we feel she is blessed too!

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