This is Our Jack!

by Karen
(South Bend, IN USA)

Lloyd Checking Out the Neighbors!

Lloyd Checking Out the Neighbors!

Well where do I begin? Our Jack is full of it! He loves people and must be around people all the time, I hate to leave him alone and he lets me know about it when we leave to go somewhere. All I have to do is make on little notion that I am leaving the house and he starts his "charades" as I call them. He pants, or he will get excited, and he defies us terribly if he cannot go.

He has his own room and his own blanket. He loves to wear his sweaters in the winter and will bring them to us if he wants them on or his bandanna. In this picture he is wearing his Notre Dame jersey. He is a great dog.

He also loves to sleep with us since it is winter and we keep the heat turned way down.

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