The very famous, but only mine Mr Milo

by Charla

My relax catalogue pose ;)

My relax catalogue pose ;)

Mr Milo is very territorial, I don't need an alarm with him lol as his bark warns me to anything although he is the most loving, soft natured dog ever, he seems himself as the daddy to my jack x cavalier puppy. He loves people, is very playful and turns his head ever so cutely when he recognizes names of my family and cuddles like a human.

He is obedient mostly unless he sees a cat then their is no chance of catching him, he hates the cold and likes to wear a coat!!!!! No coat, no walkies, his choice.

He is greedy though and loves veggies, apart from onion lol

He loves to snuggle and would happily sleep in bed with me every night, as soon as that bedroom door opens he sneaks in straight into bed and gets under the quilt with his head on my pillow no less.

He is the most handsome Jack I have ever seen and family say he is the HMV dog, and that in short is my Mr Milo!!!!

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