The Twins

by Pam
(Middleburg, FL, USA)

The Twins waiting for MOM

The Twins waiting for MOM

I have a JRT and a Pitt, both were strays, lets just say they found me. "Cash" the JRT found us in 11/08 he was about 1 1/2 years old. When we came to live with us I could not imagine spending all of the money the prior owners did and letting the dog go, no pictures, no notices, he has a chip, the owners did not register him. Oh well, he is loved beyond measure now and is not going anywhere, his twin sister Kammi (the pitt) they are about the same age. Loves him, they have to be touching each other when they are taking naps, crates have to be near each other. Here is a picture of them waiting for mom to come home.

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