Jack Russel

The Rescue of Chops the Jack Russell Terrier

by Jude Lowe
(Davistown NSW )

New Years Day we went to pet shop to buy fish. My son age 17 fell in love with the only puppy they had - a male JRT. I'm a long time fan of the breed, having owned one years ago (Max) but I had to say no.

First, my boyfriend already has a 10 yr old male red cattle dog, Rex. Also, a puppy is a 15 year commitment, not an impulse buy.
My son was disappointed but understood, and we left him behind.

18 days later I had totally forgotten the pup and had more fish problems, so we returned to the shop. My partner called to me 'that puppy's still here.' I couldn't believe it! 18 days in that shop!

When I spoke to the staff I learned he had, in fact, been there since Halloween - 31st Oct. Almost 3 months inside an air-conditioned warehouse type shop. Admittedly, he had plenty of room and a cosy bed but I realised, he probably couldn't remember any other life. Decision made! He was the last of a litter of 5 - and he was coming home with us.

His name - Chops - came to me instantly and I was right. There was an ENORMOUS world out there Chops had no idea of. Even so he was alert & interested, if a little timid.

Well, 5 days on and Chops has fit in like it was meant to be. Which I really think it was. He has grass, trees, birds, sunshine and love. Oh, and a very secure yard. He is definitely my son's dog, the rest of us are OK, you know, but a boy and his dog are forever - already.

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