The Indestructable Jack Russell

by Ross
(Dublin, Ohio, USA)

I have an 8 year old JRT that we named "Jack Russell $200". The $200 stands for how much we paid for him. When Jack was 8 or 10 weeks old, my wife took him to the doctor to get fixed. When she reach for him to put him into the car, he bit down on what he was chewing. It happen to be an electrical cord for a lamp. But she and Jack received a little jolt needless to say. Upon arriving at the Vet, Jack was anesthetized and the operation proceeded until Jack went into allergic shock due to the knock-out drug. He then die (flat-lined) for 2 whole minutes prior to the doctor's revival. So in the span of 1 hour, the dog was shocked, had surgery, died and revive.

And in the words of Billy Mays "But wait - there's more"

2 years ago during Thanksgiving, the family went to visit relatives but Jack wasn't invited. He stayed at a kennel that was also his vet and groomer (this was the same place that worked on him before). Upon our return. we called the kennel to prepare Jack for pick-up and give him a bath. When my wife arrived, Jack was not ready, in fact other people came after her and had received their dogs and left. My wife asked where Jack was and the assistance went back to check. Suddendly, my wife was surrounded by many of the kennel's staff with tears in their eyes. We found out that they left Jack in the "doggie drier" for too long and have cooked his lower have. He was in bad shape and had extremely low white-blood cell count. Jack lost all of his hair and had to undergo 3 plasma transfusions and various surgries to drain boils over the next 6 weeks. The whole time, I comforted my wife saying that the dog already knows how to out-smart death. And to our happiness, he survived his ordeal without any lasting effects except a small scar. We also get a life-time discount from the kennel owners.

Jack was one of three brother (all named Jack by their separate owners) and is the last to survive. His brothers were both hit by cars chasing squirrels. My JRT is greatly love and, I hope, Indestructable.

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