The Boss

by Mrs. K Jess
(Essex, England UK)

Hi, I've got a jack that is 16 weeks old and he seems like he wants to be the boss with the children. Is there any thing I can do as I love my puppy and would hate to part with him?

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Sep 13, 2008
Train Your Pup!
by: Anonymous

Jacks always want to be the boss! Start training your pup to walk on a leash with a slip collar. Tell your pup to heel. A gentle tug on the leash straight up, not to the side or back, then let up on the leash so that your pup knows he is to stay by your side. It takes some work, but will be worth it in the end. Jacks needs lots of structured exercise. Do not try to be more aggressive than your Jack or he will try to outdo you! Don't worry, he will grow out of a lot of his puppiness! If you don't structure your pup, he will end up biting one of your kids. Don't forget to train the kids on how to handle him too. Patience, gentleness, kindness, and structure will go a long way with your pup. You also might consider taking your pup to a training school at PetSmart, etc. They are not the very best, but will give you some good pointers and give your puppy some stimulation. Also crate train your pup so he can have his own "space" for a time out when he gets really out of control! Buy some books on Jacks at Borders. The more you understand the breed, the more control you will have. Good luck!

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