The 3 Russells from Acton, Indiana

by Chris
(Acton, Indiana)

My first Russell I actually purchased was Lili and she was 4 months old when I got her. Instant love. Her spirit and cuteness was what got me hooked. Turns out she is deaf and it took us dumb humans of hers a couple months to figure it out. It has never kept us from wanting her any less, in fact I think it makes us want her more as we all understand each other now.

Our second was a Male named Bouncer. He came to us because his original daddy died of cancer and his original mom hurt to think of how much her husband loved Bouncer and how they were not together anymore. So she asked her brother to find him a home. We had taken Lili to a Junior High Football game and a guy approached us and asked if we'd like another Russell and after meeting him I had to have him. He talks...says "Momma" when he wants my attention, guess he picked it up from the kids. Says "yum-yum" when he wants a bite of what you are eating and several other things including "I love you". His original daddy spent a lot time bed-ridden with Bouncer at his side and taught him many things.
BY this time we are hooked on Russell's....their energy, their moods, their needs and their love....

About a year later another Russell came into our lives. I won't go into details other than to say she came from a crack house. Her name is Roxy, but somehow I started calling her "lil bit" because she's just a little bit of a dog. Roxy is my shadow, if I walked into H*%L she would follow. I've never had a dog so loyal and so loving as she is. That's the short story of 3 Russel's who are very much loved and wanted.

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