Jack Russel


by Terry

My 10 yr old jack Russel had pancreatic problems

Dropped from 30 to 20 lbs
Looks great but he's very fussy eater
Most of his diet is boiled chicken beef ect
What can I feed him on the dog food side so his pancreas isn't affected again

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May 24, 2012
losing weight NEW
by: Anonymous

Wow, You should be ashamed of yourself! The max weight for a JTR is 17 pounds. You're slowly killing your dog

Aug 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

My 15 year old Jack Russell has had Pancreatitis on and off all her life and had a life threatening episode about 1.5 months ago. After 3 days of IV treatment, she came home and the vet had her on Cerenia as well as 1/2 tab Pepcid AC (5mg Famotidine) I give her the Pepcid daily in the am in a Greenies pill pocket, and she is now on kibble only. She eats Natural Balance Ultra Premium Small bites, 1/2 cup twice per day and is feeling better than she has in years. Have to say I think the pepcid is an easy answer; she was such picky eater all her life, and now she begs for her kibble. Don't know if there is any drawback to having her on Pepcid forever, but it has improved her quality of life tremendously. Good luck!

Apr 20, 2011
Terry's 10 yr old jrt
by: maureen

Is your jrt's pancreatic problem a result of feeding him human food? I'm curious. My female jrt, Roxy, is the fussiest eater, since 10 weeks old she has been a problem to feed. I have tried every dog food out there so now I boil chicken gizzards and hearts with some chicken livers as well and add either white rice or brown rice to the stock and she loves that. On the other hand, my male jrt, Bandit, (and he lives up to that name) will eat anything. Getting back to my question, did the vet think the problem is human food related. Hope your jrt gets better.

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