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sweetie pie (mommies baby)

by warren robinson
(inverness, fla)

perfect little angle

perfect little angle

sweetie pie is four months old, and sleeps in her little bed BETWEEN our pillows, she will sleep all night there, but come daylight she is ready for a new day. she is 99% house broken and wears our 8 year old jack out with her constant playing.we got her a little over three months ago, after we lost our little angle, that was daddy's little PERFECT angle, baby, that could do nothing wrong, that we had the pleasure to have in our house and lives for almost 18 years. miss her dearly and hope we can have sweetie pie for as many years. she will only sleep in the day time in mommy's lap or next to her. not sure if she is spoiled or not.

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Dec 06, 2010
by: ScooterMama59

Sweetie Pie is such a cutie pie. I am sorry for your loss, but am so happy you have added another member since.
JOY, JOY and more JOY! That's what our lovely poochies give to us. I laugh everyday with my precious Ginger.
Thank you for sharing with us out here in DoggieLAND!
Kiss all them poochies for me.


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