Sue The JRT

by Sue Fisher
(Springfield, VT)

This is Jill, soon to be

This is Jill, soon to be

I will be getting a JRT puppy on the 30th of March and I am determined to start her off on the right "paw". Some say that JRT are a crazy breed and do some terrible things, such as destroy property and your home, but I believe that any breed can do that and the key is proper training.

I understand that they are very active and need a lot of exercise and consistency in training. I plan to crate her until she is properly house trained, considering I have two other dogs, a beagle and a bagel, (beagle/bassett). They are great dogs and at times, even at age 5, they have accidents. I am asking for any hints and tips on JRT. I welcome any stories and training hints.

Thanks a lot!

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Oct 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have just bought a JRT myself and finding her real hard work. She is naughty when it come to house training and will go outside to do her bits, but sometime she is so lazy she just wee in her bed.I have had many puppies and they have all had the odd accident but never in their beds.
She don't like being left on her own at all and will cry and scream blue murder until i come back into the room. I have been told to leave her for ten minutes each day and then add five minutes on each week which i am doing.
I have another dog, but i have found my puppy is quite aggressive towards and will bite her every chance she can get. She has bitten her back legs so hard she has made them bleed. We have told her off and even put her in the crate but she still bites when she is let out.
I am really thinking on re-homing her has its unfair to my older dog.
Good luck Sue with your JRT if you did buy one

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