Stunt Dog

by Lyndsay Falconer
(Angus, Scotland)

Stunt Dog Ozzy

Stunt Dog Ozzy

My Jack Russell is called Ozzy after the prince of Darkness himself.

This is because looking at Ozzy the dog, he has black patches around both eyes resembling eye make up.

Ozzy is the most playful dog i have ever had, loves everyone!! Especially children which most people find uncommon as Jack Russell's don't do this apparently.

He is my first Jack Russell and is extremely intelligent. Learns new tricks in about a day. 30mins to practice and teach what I'm asking and then the rest of the day to reinforce it.

Ozzy was born on 11 May 2008 and had 4 brothers and 1 sister (who was the cutest thing ever).

Ozzy loves his tennis balls and loves walking no matter what weather!!! He experienced his first snow fall the other day and while out walking wanted to play snowball fights with local children who more than happily obliged. He was shivering from being that cold but didn't want to come in!

Bestest friend in the whole world. Makes me laugh if I'm sad and cheers up everyone who he comes into contact with.

My partners dad has renamed him stunt dog Ozzy because he is constantly rolling about and jumping when excited.

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